Jaguar escapes, kills 6 animals at New Orleans zoo


Slash back behind bars a three year old jaguar after escaping from its enclosure at the audubon zoo in new orleans early this morning management says his staffers so the wildcat loose before the zoo opened it was sedated and secured but it had already been on the hunt says dr kyle burks audubon zoo vp while there were no human injuries we did suffer the loss of four apopka one emu and one fox that lived in nearby habitats they were attacked and did not survive audubon zoo curator says they are investigating how jaguar got out and ads about the killings that he's a young male jaguar and he was doing jaguars do the office space sharing company we work says it is no longer serving red or white meat at company events and it won't allow employees to expense meals that include those meets battling back to the very top less than a year after giving birth serena williams lost the wimbledon ladies singles championship against germany's angie kerber in straight sets six three six three it was super encourage aging to know that i can compete and to do well this is covers third grand slam winter playing against serena's always on offer me i mean she's the best best player on the world champion to play against her especially to finance is always really special go back djokovic rafael nidal to reach tomorrow's men's final at the all england club he will face kevin anderson this is abc news if you have frequent heartburn take control of it with practice echo tc instead of stashing in acids everywhere like in your junk drawer buried under old batteries and hotel pens or your purse hiding in the one pocket you won't check you even have antacids on your nightstand which are very hard to see in the dark siamese stop stashing in acids and started taking one pill a day twenty four hours zero hartberg it's possible with practical use as directed for fourteen days not for media relief chuck sivertsen abc news for the local news you need depend on chaos arose pat kerrigan vice mayor chris rogers is here quite the announcement from santa rosa mayor chris corser got five four months of having a full council people working together we need to go out and make sure that whoever does replace the mayor on the council back beer is somebody who has that shares vision and pot of elbow at a lot of time counties news josh hello with saddam counties most accurate dependable forecast here's stacey james on the ks sro weather watch filling in on your ceo's mostly clear skies tonight low fifty four fifty two on the shores partly cloudy for sunday at seventy eight sixty two on the coast monday a few clouds at eighty three sixty eight embiid databa tuesday a few clouds at eighty two sixty eight on the coastline depend on whether every thirty minutes on fm news talk one zero three five and ninety four five k sro welcome to art bell somewhere in time tonight featuring coast to.

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