Abilene man to donate kidney to family friend


Firm date virgin galactic founded by british billionaire richard branson and blue origin by amazon creator jeff bezos racing to be the first to finish their tests with both companies using radically different technology they will charge thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars for space tourists to go up there that's a lot of money indeed while her legs were tingling but why a thirty five year old frenchwoman went to the emergency room to report a tingling electric sensation in her legs and trouble walking the 'cause we go a tapeworm lodged in her spine swelling so much it hindered her ability to walk you a sheriff's deputy in texas plans to donate one of his kidneys to a man who has been having difficulty finding a match sergeant jay jones what a guy with the taylor county sheriff's department has decided to donate his kidney to a clayton bolt after the abilene texas man was unable to find someone in his family that fits certain transplant criteria such as blood typing tissue typing cross matching the sheriff jay jones matches perfectly mars approaching earth for fifteen year close encounter on july twenty seventh what other things are out there with a close encounter let's check in with peter davenport from the national you're for reporting center peter what do you have forces week good evening george and you're right it's been a very busy week we sure sign on and i'm pleased to bring to the coast audience a few of the hundred and twenty six new reports that we've just posted to our website this evening i'd like to begin with the east coast and specifically the two carolinas them sort of work my way west three nights ago july tenth at approximately ten pm six adults were standing on a deck near topsoil i think it's pronounced tops elila north carolina looking southeast out over the atlantic ocean when they became aware of a very bright orange light just above the horizon well at this stage my intent would cause me to suspect a site in of the planet mars of course currently very bright in the southeast late evening sky however the report gets very much more interesting because the object suddenly disappeared from the witnesses view for a few seconds then equally suddenly reappeared well above the horizon and a second identical object appeared lower and to the right of the original object seconds later one of the objects faded and the second one disappeared both of them is appeared permanently very interesting case the witnesses remained outside for the next several hours looking for reappearance but saw nothing except for the planet mars however the plot thickens george because approximately ten minutes after this first site in there was a second sighting down on carolina beach south of topsoil island where people reported exactly the same thing it may have been the either the same citing or follow on site in identical to the first and finally the last report from the carolinas comes from myrtle beach south carolina how many times have i mentioned that place tree adults around walking on the beach at about eleven pm so now about an roughly an hour after the site ends up in north carolina and they saw an actual craft they believe with red lights all around its periphery hovering over the beach near myrtle beach south carolina all three of those sightings appear jason to one another and are posted reports for july tenth in there well worth reading i feel now briefly out to the midwest and i'll be very brief george grand rapids michigan on the eleventh of july this is just three or four hours after the sightings in the carolinas gentlemen saw a manta ray shaped craft from his car with one end of tipped up at a forty five degree angle very interesting citing i well i recommend people read that case on our website and finally this morning or the morning of the twelfth very interesting sightings over eastern and central oregon of an object that was around and almost translucent i'm working on trying to figure out whether it might have been a scientific balloon helium filled high altitude balloon but a photo journalist captured it with a three hundred millimeter lens and he says it's a very interesting so a lot going on many reports from tonight i'll report them next week we'll talk to you then thanks peter peter davenport from the national ufo reporting center up next the greatest storyteller ever born lionel fan through our back on coast to coast am.

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