NTSB hearing to look into deadly Amtrak derailment investigation


The way for the valley freeway into downtown bellevue meanwhile south four or five that is also a tough drive from i five through the kirkland area west ninety looking slow through issaquah west five twenty s getting bunched up as you're approaching i five and of course we still have the full closure of i ninety both directions between ellensburg advantage due to wildfires in the area no eta for that reopening are next komo traffic at nine fourteen and the forecast from seth wayne high temperatures push into mid seventies later this afternoon get used body sprinkles out there here and there but overall things are coming down just a bit as we continue to clear things out of high pressure moves in that's going to bring with temperatures in the low eighties wednesday into thursday and those low to mid eighties continue to the weekend at the beginning of next week all right that seth wayne's forecast right now downtown seattle under cloudy skies we've got sixty at nine hundred seven the deadly amtrak train crash near dupont last year we'll be part of a two day hearing in washington dc today at the investigative hearing the ntsb will discuss what led up to the derailment which killed three people the train was going twice the speed limit around the curve when it went off the tracks a lot of train experts say the technology known as positive train control would have slowed the train down but there's been a delay in installing that system president donald trump pardoning to oregon ranchers who had been convicted of arson the prison sentences of dwight and stephen hammond sparked the arm takeover the male here national wildlife refuge in two thousand sixteen jury convicted the hammonds of arson in two thousand twelve prosecutors said the men set fire to destroy evidence of gain violations the mandatory minimum sentence for the charge was five years but a federal judge went against the guidelines and gave them a lighter sentence dwight was sentenced to three months stephen got a year and both got three years of post prison supervision prosecutors appealed their punishment and one and the hammers were re sentenced to five years in federal prison in two thousand sixteen today the white house says the hammonds were imprisoned for a fire quote that leaked onto a small portion of neighboring public grazing land and the white house goes on to say that justices overdue for the hammonds both of whom the white house says or entirely deserving of these grants of executive clemency frank lenzi komo news washington voters expected to vote this fall on an initiative that would prevent local governments from imposing new taxes on groceries eastern washington farmer april clayton helped collect signatures to put i sixteen thirty four on the ballot and talked with a talk show our talk.

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