After woman's death, police cite 'high dose' of nerve agent


And dodgers left fielder matt kemp who makes his return to the all star game for the first time since twenty twelve braves first baseman freddie freeman had the most national league votes over four million catcher wilson contrasts and second baseman heavier by is will represent the cubs will giant shortstop brandon crawford and rockies third baseman nolan renato round out the national league starting lineup i'm danny cap a woman has now died in britain after coming in contact with a deadly nerve agent ap's charles de la desma reports police say they believe the latest victims must have had close contact with the toxin british police say they believe the latest victims of poisoning the nerve agent chuck must have handled the materials container assistant commissioner neil basu says the death of dolan sturgis on sunday shows that she and her partner johnny rowley were exposed to a high dose of the military grade nerve agent the working theory is that exposure is linked to the earlier novacek attack in march on x russian spy circe scruple and he's you're best says the searches focusing on stugotz's and rallies homes and a park in salisbury really remains in critical condition in the city hospital charles de la desma london hi i'm megan crane ap digital manager.

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