Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Cooks For Victims, Response Crew During California Wildfire


His les Moonves. Have you? Said at once we would have. Let it slide we. Shared a glance then a second time we thought. Were duty bound and by the third point we thought he's strip trying to poke a finger in our chest lewd. Less moon vest you'll do better the rest. Of the day you're. Gonna do great I feel like you know when you put a kid in time out too. Many times and then they're like I'm just. Going to start smoking We believe in you you're gonna do great, you're gonna do great thank you Alan Alda, has revealed he has Parkinson's disease in an, appearance on CBS this morning today the award. Winning actors that he was diagnosed the disease three and a half years ago he said he had been, on television a lot in the last couple of. Weeks talking about, new podcast and you could see his thumb twitching some shots he continued saying I thought it's probably only a matter of, time before somebody does a story about this from a sad point of view but, that's not, where I am is best known for his relatable portrayal of army captain Hawkeye, Pearson CBS's mash which, connected viewers to life. On the front. Lines. Of four His beloved he is just so beloved we were talking about his voice you hear his voice and you feel good and, good for him he has a really good attitude about this still moving on and, being very, productive has a new podcast so we hope all good things for Alan Alda And as one of California's most destructive wildfires raged the northern part of the state guy. Fieri his son hunter packed up their caravan and drove to reading, to feed the displaced victims and. Responding Bruce celebrity, chef the celebrity chef said that he is working arm-in-arm with a, team of twenty volunteers the Salvation Army operation barbecue relief local chefs and resins defeat people from a makeshift kitchen they set up in, a trailer. In the Shasta college parking. Lot which is acting as a. Shelter evacuees theory said we're in tough times and as the world. As the world turns you take a moment like this and you see what America is made.

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