Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Cooks For Victims, Response Crew During California Wildfire


Low to mid, nineties in the near bay area locations well up Into the nineties maybe, a protein one hundred Mark in the. Sacramento valley again those high temperatures being. Held down in the interior valleys a bit by that smoky haze that does tend to. Keep temperatures a bit cooler we do have considerable overcast this morning near the bay. And because. Then some drizzle not much of a change in this forecast quite frankly over the next several days that talked about possibility of a weakening of, the high, pressure ridge now not looking quite so certain so we're, probably going to stay in. This rain sixties right on the coast low to mid nineties inland. For the next five to six days traffic and weather together on the eight so an all. News one zero six nine AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time six twenty one well let's crews. Continue to battle the deadly car fire burning in Shasta county. A pair of celebrities are doing what, they, can to eight in the effort chef Jose Andreas is bringing together chefs, from around the state. Including Santa Rosa zone guy Fieri to feed, the community and the emergency responders for more on their work we're joined live on the KCBS ring central Newsline by. Reporter Holly John who's on the ground in reading and Holly I would imagine that these are welcome guests to that area oh yeah you know. There are still people in evacuation shelters thousands of firefighters on the front lines and you know they need to eat but some of the things that they've been eating you know they get out there are pretty high caloric and they're. Preservative heavy and you know these. People are creating some foodie worthy menus for the evacuees today I think the, menu at Shasta college they're going to get a grilled Asian marinated pork loin with ginger sauce and coleslaw. Thursday sausage and peppers who's Andrea says, organization is the world's central kitchen it was a group formed. He, fed people in Houston and Puerto Rico after the hurricane is group is. Now here they're trying to replace those kind of not so healthy meals the. Frontline firefighters. Are get with a fresh green salads and ham, and cheese sandwiches with a secret sauce that makes it really tasty and kind of ups the calories they're. The guy who in charge of this, effort here Tim Kilcoyne, back Waited during the Thomas fire in southern California last November got involved with opening disaster kitchens, and their month later he had to open one after the. Montecito, mudslides. He was, just in Hawaii cooking for the people, in the volcano zone and now he's here pulling together like a thousand lunches, and dinners they are working out of a corrected, commercial kitchen, in downtown reading the barbecue guys and guy Fieri people are over. At Shasta college they were barbecuing if eating people the last couple of days but. Today's the first day that world central, kitchen will start their full-on feeding of people at the after college I know you're, preparing a full production piece for this, afternoon we'll have quite a story. Up on the website I've. Seen some of your photos including intrepid KCBS reporter Holly quad slicing vegetables so you're in this story as well tell us a little about the operation. Itself Jose Andres has done this obviously more than once so we must have this down to a system yeah you've got people all over the place and, these are. All owned here's people who have left their own businesses, and their family To go to places like who autumn Malla and Hawaii and ready, to being the smoke and chop veggies and and. Yesterday that that that kitchen was humming with with volunteers that were making. The fan witches and they were making welcome Moulay and they were. Making Caesar salad dressing and and putting things together and I thought. That they couldn't get a decent can't open are they can't open. Her they were there they couldn't they didn't have cornstarch to. Thicken the thoughts that they want to put on the on the pork loin so they're kind of you know. Improvising as they go along but these are people who who. Realize that you know the got donations they wanna. Source these things locally so he's an interesting thing in, that commercial kitchen there's. A local mom and pop sausage accompany. Will the owner's house burned down and they. Usually sausages have a farmer's market but the farmers market was closed so as organization said okay well. We'll, take like three hundred pounds of your sausage and will be the. Firefighters we're gonna make sausage and pepper for them on Thursday Holly this sounds a lot better than a bag of free dozen baloney sandwich you know last. Week I was in Yosemite for the Ferguson fire and this week I'm here and one of the, bulldozer operators was nice enough to share his lunch with me I've seen what they eat and you. Know God love them they're out there on the fire lines and you know they have, twelve hours to. Go and. They don't know when their next Meal's coming so but but some of those little prepackaged sandwiches that have. The crust cut off, their peanut, butter and jam or something. There were six hundred calories and twenty seven, percents that fat it was, it was frightening so I think. The fact that you're going to have things like. Maybe chilly out on the front lines, they're going to go out there and ask him what do you guys want you. Want something hot do you want. Something that you can, eat, easily, not just a sandwich but you know maybe soup or something like that that. They can throw down quicken then get back out there These are the kinds of things? Are going to do thanks how they will hear more. From, highway quite later today on that and watch for her piece, online at. Key CBS, radio dot com right now it's the KCBS super micro Intel money desperate Jason Brooks Susan stocks are poised for a pretty flat open as investors await the results of. A two day fed meeting at investors deal, with the latest. Trade war salvos between the US and China lost about apple looking to open at a record high after posting very strong earnings in the. Recent quarter Dow futures are moving lower by three points NASDAQ continues to bounce back it's up by twenty nine points getting. Help from apple as p futures are up by four points apple stock moving to higher. By four percent another huge revenue gain up seventeen percent more than fifty three billion dollars also got positive, earnings news in from Pandora and glue mobile of, the MoneyWatch Jason Brooks KCBS? If.

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