Apple nears $1 trillion as bright forecast highlights future demand


With money news you must've been a beautiful baby because baby look at you but we're talking trillion dollar baby that's a one with twelve zero What we may. Call apple before the end of the, day Apple's. Market values. Getting closer to one trillion dollars company. The Wall Street forecasts with revenues. More, than fifty three billion prophets of two dollars thirty four cents a share apple says it sold more than forty one million iphones in the quarter now shares of apple were trading at one hundred ninety eight dollars after. The, opening bell stock. Price needs to clear two hundred three dollars per share to hit that one trillion dollar Mark as for the rest. Of stocks well they're doing okay the, Dow is up sixteen the NASDAQ is up thirty eight and the s&p is up for your cleared for takeoff and if you're flying. Out of Denver you're paying some of the lowest air fares in, the country according to. A, new report from the Boyd group international based in evergreen the average DIA for one hundred eighty dollars that's lower than. All but seven, other airports however all of these, airports with, the lower fares have. One thing in common at as a major footprint from Southwest, Airlines the report says not only. Your south west fares low sore It's ancillary fees the US is. Considering raising its plan tariffs on two, hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese imports from ten percent to twenty five percent that's the report from Bloomberg news so where are we. Going to feel this appliances for example or food or clothing items, where the retail margins. Are, already pretty slim those cases more of the costs may be passed onto the consumer with consumer reports who says we. May not actually, see any impact from the tariffs, for months Just be aware of the longer term impact of tariffs on. Manufactured goods and the possibility that. Has this continues to play out the situation could get worse worse President Trump imposed. Ten percent tariffs. On thirty four billion dollars a Chinese goods in early July and the review period on another sixteen billion dollars of imports is about. To come to a close next. Money update coming up at nine fifty.

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