U.S. sanctions Turkey's justice, interior ministers over pastor's detention


On members of, NATO ally specifically to high ranking Turkish government ministers because Of. That country's decision to detain American pastor Andrew Brunson White House. Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders at. The president's direction the department. Of treasury is sanctioning Turkey's minister of Justice and minister of interior, both of whom played leading roles in the arrest and detention of pastor. Brunson on Twitter President Trump unleashed fury against the. Special counsel's investigation calling on attorney general Jeff Sessions. To immediately end Robert Muller's probe sessions recused himself early on. Though Connecticut democratic Senator dick Blumenthal says the president's treat tweets crossed the line this. Tweet strikes me as, very close, to the. White House downplayed Trump's outbursts saying he simply. Frustrated with what, he believes is corrupt investigation foreign efforts to make Americans hate each other on social media continue that's the word from social media experts testifying on Capitol Hill as the midterm elections loom Rene Directa works for new knowledge A company that identifies fake accounts and fake news she told senators Russian bots are becoming harder for companies like. Facebook and Twitter to spot what they did change. Was they paid in US dollars in Canadian dollars so they are no longer, paying in, rubles they're. Probably no longer using IP addresses that. Are tied to Russia global news, twenty four hours a day on Aaron at tick tock on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and. Analysts in more, than one hundred twenty countries I'm Martin dick.

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