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Around. Here tonight a lot of excitement would you like to hear the The career history of young Ryan day. Who will be taking, over the future the. Future of Ohio State might be the. Ohio State here's his coaching histories thirty nine. Years old so still young in the. Coaching game but he's. Been in a lot of stops New Hampshire tight ends coach right. Boston College graduate assistant Florida graduate system which I'm assuming is. Where he linked up with urban originally temple wide receivers coach Boston. College back there for wide receivers coach back the temple to be the offensive coordinator back to Boston College to be the, offensive coordinator then he. Went, to the, eagles to be the quarterbacks coach then he went to the forty Niners. To be the quarterbacks. Coach then he went. Back to then? He went to the Ohio? State University to, be the co, offense coordinator and, quarterbacks coach and. This year Hughes now of course the acting head coach and offensive coordinator what, a career, high thirty nine he's on. His way he's on his way did you hear I wanted to ask you so Jake Ryan the baggers tornado. Seattle he's done must be preseason I give these training. Camps these out every, night at different guys. Season ending Padma home seven picks and. Six practices I'm hearing that he's been a Hot mess at training camps without you know you gotta, wait till you actually. Play, the games, not one game at the end of. The year when you're playing for. Nothing they said he's. The greatest thing ever. Got waste Joe? Montana the chips are actually? On the table, before going here, Joe Montana Carmelo Anthony pass through. Waivers at five he'll get the two point four million dollar deal to be, a rocket, and do nothing for them. Like he did one almost sitting Johnny Cueto going to, have Tommy, John surgery he'll be done for a year he. Might be done for good mean he's already lawn and it to me I. Don't think you'll ever see him matter again Canelo, Alvarez and. Dribble g clash during a promo shoot all I know. Is I. Watched that video and dribble Gillette fat. To me he hasn't been, training or something he just showed up for the photo shoe but he had a gut on him and Canal pretty good, for a guy that only eats tainted meat Did you see this picture of the. Island or fan they got that New Jersey is pretty, nice somebody sent that to me awhile trader who cares Number ninety nine raider. Yeah you guys will never stopped talking. About him We we stopped already yeah sure next year when they start. Playing you'll be talking about a. New Jersey, is adding, the mobile betting. That's what we've been waiting for Carver high the mobile William Mel app we need that working so. We can place bets during games in game betting here in the studio will that be legal as well? As eating. Food in the studio will abetting. In game be, illegal here no betting it. Will be the next year we're New. York so we can't. Do it. That's right. In, we're in New York we can't do it The city on the way to the. Studio we can Yep Over the bridge or through the tunnel we can make the. Bet Anyway Channel the show they do this joke, channel whatever they do dodgeball on it and eating championships and was thing Thing joke channel. In the movie dodgeball right so now ESPN for the second. Year in a row is, actually letting it happen come to life for twenty, four hours which Real quick I'm gonna take. Your calls what.

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