Maryland newspaper shooting suspect not cooperating


To a nationwide service outage in a statement the company said one of its large backbone network partners had a fiber cut that had affected businesses and residential internet video and voice customers comcast has reportedly seen spikes in reported outage since noon today other service providers like spectrum and various other websites including facebook amazon google net flicks have also seen spikes in reported outages over the last twenty four hours it's still unclear what's causing those outages but cell florida appears to be among the worst hit regions the company said they're working to get service restored as soon as possible a pasco county man confronted to deputies outside his mobile home north of zephyr hills last night and it cost him his life deputies were called by a friend of fifty four year old james palmquist they were told he had taken one hundred pills in an attempt to end his life when they arrived deputies say palmquist fired a gun at them and they shot back sheriff chris nocco says the deputies tried to reason with palmquist of fortunately this is one of those times that had a tragic ending because you'll never hear about the times we were able to get that person to help that they need it this is a situation person made a decision that he was going to die whether or not by his own hand through the pills but through law for some by shooting at us sergeant chad tad lock and deputy errands ziegler we're not hurt they are on paid administrative leave pending the investigation police in anna rondo county maryland say the suspect in the mass shooting at the capital gazette newspaper office in annapolis yesterday afternoon is refusing to cooperate and had done something to his fingers to prevent them from taking fingerprints but chief timothy ultima says they id thirty eight year old gerald ramos with facial recognition software we were able to use that and a couple of other techniques to make sure we knew who the bad guy was i will not say his name today i refuse to do it i wish you wouldn't do it but i know better he doesn't deserve us a talk about him one more second l tomorrow said ramos used a pump action shotgun to kill five people and injured two others ultramar said the gun had been legally purchased a year ago he said ramos had made threats against the paper dating back to twenty thirteen but newspaper officials declined to press charges travelling by air over the extended fourth of july holiday as they say pack your patience tsa says it expects to screen two point seven million passengers today which would be the most for a single day ever the transportation safety administration expects this to be the busiest time of the travel year even aaa predicts this fourth.

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