Jon Stewart Calls Out Trump For His 'Gleeful Cruelty And Dickishness'


Free all day long some rite aid storefronts in san diego hollywood and long beach right eight employees say the intended audience is not the customers does it and this is not the first time there's been done they had done it they put classical music out there and hope it drives away people who hate it make it uncomfortable audio warfare so rite aid has been testing since early this year whether playing just a few of the manilow songs cuts down on the riffraff they just play over and over it's kind of like what they do i think it'd get gitmo isn't it the make it less comfortable they figure it would deter loiterers and panhandlers so far they say the plan has worked but it's mystified and annoyed neighbors and shoppers who have been belting out their own feelings to store managers and on youtube and everything else people are worried about the moved into place in long beach this lisa masters detective said that she worried about the noise and local bar scene and said she heard barry manilow at all hours atop value well she needed a valium top volume so that'll make a grown man cry meanwhile jon stewart did they play the distinct breath because he was in that mood last he showed up in one of those kind of used to be funny moments on colbert both of them are a co baron steward you're very funny it's just hard to tell but here's john stewart addressing the president last night just showed up surprises the crowd michael moore talking about rising up donald hello to me guy made sure everyone knew was jewish on twitter i know you're upset about all the criticism even taken in the fake news fake late night shows it's just still having a little trouble adjusting to your presidency as it goes into its five hundred year.

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