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This Business Rockstars weird to inspire inform and connect a community of entrepreneurs. Joining us right now is Tina, hey, the CEO and founder of napkin finance. It's a pleasure to have you on the show. Thank you. So what's your company do napkin, finance so napkin finances, everything about money in thirty seconds or less wall break down for us, thirty seconds or less? What is it? So we make complex topics. Simple. And we target a millennial audience, basically where pot for him for understanding complex financial topics that you may have never learned in school or from your family, your parents. Okay. So gimme a practical. And I don't know. Oh. What are some of these things break it down for me on your website? Napkins are the foundation of our site. Basically napkins we have virtual napkins where we fake down topics visually. And so the way things started is actually, I'm a visual learner. I was sitting in business school with bankers and consultants, and I had a liberal arts background, and I worked in film, and technology. And so I've always thought visually about different complex topics and most people are visual thinkers, it's a classic concept. Einstein davinci. Mozart all of them were visual thinkers, and that basically was the inspiration behind napkin, finance, and so we sketch out and Ella street different topics everything from compound interest to ET apps tax taxes insurance, whatever it is that's relevant to people and interesting. How did you come up with this as a business model for your company? I feel like a lot of the idea in the shower they have a problem in their life that they out of a need and desire to solve credit company. What was it for you? So it actually happened by accident. It started as these sketches for financial literacy part of the plot from that we developed and we saw that the napkin finance segment actually took off and people loved it. And we get phone calls all the time just buying napkins virtual napkins. Yes. Virtual napkins, even real happy. We have real napkins now that we print out. But basically, we have such demand for these kids because people want to see things simplified, and I think money and finances really intimidating for most people. So we've connected in that respect five having these napkins explained different topics. So now, we have napkins we have videos, we have other content. We also have a WGN glossary that's kind of an urban dictionary for finance and a podcast coming out. So we built our platform to basically encompass everything that's related to money and personal finance. So what a digital napkin? I have no idea. What that is. So it's basically a topic drawn out. Through illustrations of bit different financial topics depending on what your swipe through these napkins right through the napkins. You can actually have physical ones as well. Now, we started printing them out for our users. But these napkins are just just start to kind of grow and be more interested in different topics, and then go into the videos, and the glossary and uses as a resource and just kind of a way to learn about anything that's important to you at at different stages in your life. What did you do before this leads you into this for you and finance before this? I wasn't finance briefly. But I've always been in technology, and I've I love the startup world. I've had two other start ups before this. So I find that I'm really excited about starting things and building ideas. And so this has been a lot of fun for me, not only because the companies during law, but because it's really helping people, and it's really been fantastic to see the influence our content house on people. We get emails and calls all the time. The people saying that it's changing their lives parents are using it for their kids. So it's really inspiring for us and really fantastic for our whole team to see this happening. So what were the other two companies you had to companies before this one? What were they? So the first one was called city tripping. It was a lifestyle channel for everything in different cities. And we also published city guides L A, New York, and we're growing, and we also had city guides. We were called the younger, hip or city searched by Rolling Stone magazine. And so we grew and we actually grew into a publishing company as well. The last company I had was Tottenham test group, which was an outsourced HR business where we do background searches and drug testing for small medium sized businesses. Very different than what I'm doing now. Yeah. You've been all over the place. What's been something on your journey? That was a season of adversity. I feel like either you have been in one you are and one or you will be in one at some point in your life. Can you take back to a story in your life or your business or you just hit one of those seasons of adversity where you felt like giving up? I mean, there are so many. But. At least for the people that haven't started yet. I call it a roller coaster because literally every day you have something that can come up, and it often does that can really make you question. Everything you're you're the entire company and how your future, but along the way you also have kind of the ups and downs. So I think that the most challenging thing is not what you do like with one instance. It's just always continuing to kind of. Move push forward. And look to like the next step because nothing really will really break down the company in the big picture. It's just these things that seem like they're the the biggest issues at the time.

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