Pediatricians raise concern about health effects of some food coloring


Eleven hundred lines knocked down, by Friday's, wind and rain and replacing one hundred or so polls that, were broken and spokeswoman Natasha Collins says we're not out of the woods yet nurse to shake Out in the days after where a tree limb that was you know may have, come down shifts and then brings down a wire so does impacts continue as three. O'clock this afternoon, there were around seven hundred fifty, customers still without power. Crews in Missouri have raised the. Duck boat where seventeen people died from the bottom of table rock lake near Branson. Reporter Jim Krasula watched. The boat was brought to the surface the doomed duck. Bolt was raised from eighty feet of water not far from where it entered the lake that was hit by a sudden intense storm the bulk white canvas top was peeled back it's orange life jacket wedged into, the boats caged atop the lifesaving. Requirements and the regulations require that personal flotation devices beyond board for all passengers US coast, guard captain Scott, Stormer says it's up to the boat captain to decide whether passengers. Should. Put the, life jackets on Jim Chris sale table rock lake Missouri circumstances surrounding the death of the gunman involved in toronto's mass shooting sunday or under investigation police spokeswoman monarchy you don said reports i came in around ten pm officers later locating the gunman and gunfire was exchanged we are still waiting to confirm the person's identity and once we confirm that then we can take the next step and see if we can really said two people were killed and a dozen hurt in yesterday's attack which was not yet been ruled out as an act of terrorism victims of last year's mass shooting in las vegas are speaking out they're angry that they're being sued by the owner of the mandalay bay hotel where the gunman set up his shooters perch m._g._m. is suing the victims of the shooting in an attempt to get suits against it dropped m._g._m. claims an obscure law never used before protects it from being sued because it hit hired a security company approved by the federal government before the shooting joy ships daughter was killed in the massacre That they're trying to sue us now are the are suing us it's it's. Outrageous along with survivors. Of the shooting say they're shocked they're now, being sued by GM Alex stone ABC. News when it comes to your kids beware of. Chemicals in food and its packaging that's the alert from a new study in the journal of pediatrics finding that some preservatives food coloring and compounds can pose health risks, for young people here's ABC's chief medical correspondent Dr Jennifer Ashton things like bis phenol stalemates nitrites and nitrates which then can interact with. Other compounds and caused them health problems and food coloring and what kind of health risks they posted this vulnerable age group Ashton says to minimize exposure to processed foods use glass and minimize exposure to processed foods, rather and use. Glass and stainless steel containers not, plastic your next news update is at four I'm Suzanne Duval NewsRadio eight forty w. h. a. s..

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