Kraft Heinz recalling cheese dip on botulism risk


Your money here's Frank Motech all right well some heartbreaking news, were fans of sweethearts the candy the company behind the sweethearts as. Well, as Nikko wafers or Nico wafers of some say it is unexpectedly shutdown, operations at his plant back east and they haven't announced the candy production will resume the Boston Globe reports round hill investments announces selling Netco brands. To another manufacturer and closing down its plant in Massachusetts now. Neck. Or New England confectionery company is the country's oldest continuously operating candy company they also make Mary Jane and squirrel nut zippers candy looks like all that might be going away very soon craft Hines has announced it's voluntarily recalling about seven thousand cases of its Taco Bell cheese dip as a product shows. Signs that it could allow for the growth of the, bacteria that causes botulism stock market bouncing around today it looks like it's regained its footing for now as President Trump. Meets with the European Union Commissioner President trade issues right now the Dow is up twenty seven, points NASDAQ up sixty two the s and p five hundred fourteen. And we check. Your money. At, twenty and fifty each hour the next update coming, up at twelve twenty point Motech from the capital, money desk KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio slum fifty two on KNX you've probably noticed that it's already, hot again outside and people in the LA area and the. Illinois empire aren't the only ones having trouble keeping cool the national weather service the mercury could heat up. To, one hundred eighteen degrees. Today in parts of southeastern California and southern Arizona and. Las Vegas which reached one hundred and, twelve degrees. Yesterday could set a new record for the year. Today temperature. In death valley yesterday hit one hundred twenty seven which was an all time record for, that date if you've got a jar of a certain brand of case oh cheese dip at home you, should be aware of a. Recall Kraft Heinz is recalling seven thousand cases of its Taco Bell cheese dip because of botulism risk Cheese. Dips being recalled are fifteen outs cases of Taco Bell sausa- con case old mild cheese dip best when used by date ranging from. October thirty first twenty eighteen to January twenty third twenty nineteen CBS news correspondent Diane. King hall there according to craft the effect of items are showing signs of product separation. Which can allow for the growth of activity that causes botulism there's just one winning ticket.

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