The 65mm Woman: Natalie Portman To Star In Sia Musical VOX LUX ...

Little Gold Men


Mama. Mia, here we go again. Exactly. They really might go for it and sort of Italy kick the movie off like it'll even some good momentum as enters the false Hollywood Foreign Press. Is this the people that gave lady Gaga her Golden Globe, right? Ready for her second. Like if she doesn't win it, I think there's an they're gonna burn. Think she already one. There was a press release about that. I Richardson up for you at the Venice lineup. We've talked about, we talked about the trailer last week, but I'm really curious about the favorite yoga's slams most movie, but one that kinda snuck in. Don't know. It's going to be other festivals is Paul Greengrass movie twenty two July, which is, you know, just a cheery comedy about the Norwegian terror attacks of years ago. I did speak to a publicist for the movie a couple of weeks ago, and she told me that. I mean, it's her job to tell me it's good. But what she described to me was not just, you know, it wasn't ninety minutes of a terrorist attack. It's actually more about what the what, Norway did afterward to kind of come together as a community and to prosecute the guy who did it Andy. Now given that he's like a Neo, Nazi, blah, blah, like there's some, sadly, some really pertinent relevance to today. So I'm really curious about that. And then vox Lux which is another musical. I think with Natalie Portman, there should just be a musical festival. Actually Br brilliant idea which you know it stars, Natalie Portman as a pop singer. It's billed as a musical name, UB Jude laws and Jennifer, Jason Leigh and directed by Brady Corbett who we mostly know as an actor from funny games and various other things, clouds cells, Maria. But he directed in two thousand fifteen a movie called the childhood of a leader, which was really well received by some kind of sort of pretentious. Art has piece anyway, I'm very curious about that. I feel like that could be like a slow burn, kind of like dark horse contender for something. Maybe Natalie apartment, I don't know and kind of buried a little bit below the films, I guess because this playing out of competition, there's going to be preview of my brilliant friend. The HBO Elena Francais adaptation, which I'm very curious about. I'm gonna go pick a couple of like fancy director titles which got knows when we'll see them. Some of the may come out last year next year, but you've got the first film from Florin handled von Donner's Mark since the tourist, which was kind of his. Follow up to the lives of others, which was this hugely successful German film. The tourist was disaster. So it's interesting this evening could come back there. Jennifer Kesse director of the Babu has a film competition. The only woman with the film with the foam competition, which is its own thing that I'm really excited to see the film from Laszlo name. As the I think he's a Hungarian director who made on of Saul, which was incredibly Graham kind of them the Paul Greengrass style just deep dive into humid privacy of, but he's got a new film coming. So I'm intrigued to see it has to be lighted than son assault. I don't think there's an option, so we'll see what happens with that. The exciting thing about this lineup and the Toronto line which will talk about is that this year was so weird because there really was not a big awards contender that came out of Sundance. There really wasn't one the came out of can. There wasn't one of the south by southwest, really. So like it's just like, I guess we have Black Panther. That's one we think is in the best picture race. But like beyond that, like we're all of this is like new exciting. Like heaven's seen it stuff. Yes..

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