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And now the iheartradio, weekend sports time capsule hey fellow sports fans sandy west. And I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history let's start in nineteen three. The fourteenth regular, season of the National Football League because of the success of the nineteen thirty two NFL playoff game the league divides it seems, into two divisions for the first time with the winners of each division playing in a championship game to determine the NFL champion also three new teams joined the league. The Pittsburgh, Pirates Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Reds this. Week in nineteen sixty, one New York Yankee Roger marris hits four home, runs in a doubleheader. This week in nineteen seventy six. The Pittsburgh Steelers when the final college all. Star game, in Chicago the game would put the NFL champion against the squad composed of top college players many of whom were about to enter. The pro ranks Steelers won the game twenty.

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