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Seagram heiress charged in case against self-help guru Raniere


You're never more than fifteen minutes from the big stories on WCBS amac, Rosenberg I'm Michael Wallace Thanks to know at five fifteen one President Trump reaches a deal with the European, Union to work towards zero tariffs and avert a trade war number to the White House. Says President Trump will delay his next meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin until two thousand nineteen when he expects the molar pro will be over three city left to shut off most of its school zone speed cameras in fifteen minutes because, the. State Senate refused to reconvene and. Extend the program. Joining. A growing trend, in the country Connecticut we'll start handing out free. Tablet computers to prisoners WCBS. Puerto Mike's melts explains the tablets have a. Narrow range of services it will give a prisoner, they will not be connected to the internet they'll come preloaded with educational videos. And some books and then a prisoner. Can choose to buy preapproved music games or reading materials. Prisoners will get the tablets for free no state money will be used to pay for them instead the tablet. Provider, pays for the device and. Then makes money whenever a prisoner by something from the tablet now there's concern. From inmate advocates That the. Tablet provider will inflate prices and take advantage of the captive audience there's also concern from state lawmakers that questioned whether the inmates should have the tablets at all convicts receiving a benefit that most school students don't get over although the idea, behind. The free tablets for prisoners is. That at least. To. A calmer more, distracted prison population, Mike's melts WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty. The co founders of an. Accused upstate sex cult of pleaded not guilty. To new charges Keith renew yours and Nancy solvent, self help group Nexium is accused of branding women and making them sex slaves. Yesterday an heiress to the Seagram's liquor. Fortune Clare Bronfman was arrested in connection with the case. She's accused of helping to money laundering dealt control the group's members five sixteen WCBS this year's recipients of the. Kennedy Center honors were announced today Country. Star REBA mcentire made the list as did share composer Philip. Glass, and jazz legend Wayne shorter and the four co creators of. The musical Hamilton will receive a special honor for groundbreaking work this year ceremony will be. At Washington's Kennedy Center on December second he was a political legend on Staten Island guy Molinari has died he was eighty nine years old the Republicans served. Five terms in congress three in New York state assembly and three as Staten Island borough, president his daughter Susan Molinari also served in congress for ten years one of the Staten Island ferry says named after, guy Molinari WCBS news time, five eighteen type or check traffic and weather together on the eight talk Kaminsky what you got well we've got now rich checking in on the northbound, side of the FDR drive right around. Seventy nine th, street a stall van being worked on, right lane. Is blocked there rich thanks for. The update traffic type you call the Mavis discount tire tracks Tip line two one two nine seven five. Eighty eight eighty eight cross Bronx westbound getting. In through third avenue we have a, collision being worked, on one lane is blocked, there and cat is checking in on the, westbound belt just. West of the cross island the stalled van right lane is blocked at that. Spot cat thank you for that update we head back over to the inbound Ghana's northbound Biki we still. Seeing the volume right on up toward the Brooklyn Bridge and southbound. Side delays from at least Williamsburg bridge onto the. Ghana's right out. Toward the split for the belt. Parkway Jackie Robinson Parkway still loaded up, westbound in toward gardens we had, a crash there on the northbound became, we still, seeing the volume around the area the cashews coverage. We had an earlier crash at that, spot heavy for, queens on the LA, in the Grand Central LIE northern and southern state Parkway seeing the delays getting out toward the. Area, of the doors to bay expressway and again on out toward one ten I'm Tom Kaminsky in the WCBS traffic..

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