Regulators: Uranium leaked at SC nuclear fuel plant



Announced that the Alzheimer's Association international conference in Chicago federal officials are looking into. Any dangers resulting from a uranium league discovered at a South Carolina. Fuel plants, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Says it learned the league earlier this, month fits believe, the Ray Radioactive uranium leaked through a, three inch hole in a floor at the Westinghouse plant, near Columbia soil readings, near the league show contamination thirteen hundred times higher than normal but. The state's department of health and environmental control says it doesn't appear the leakage threatens any water supply or is even spread from the plant the states still awaits groundwater tests to confirm that the plant uses uranium. To make fuel rods that. Power commercial nuclear reactors Grenell Scott Fox News tropical lizards can hang. On in stormy weather and researchers now know why thanks to a little help from a leaf blower of all things the tree hugging lizard or put to. The test last. Year during hurricanes are an Maria and scientists work, to see which species survive researchers from Harvard used the leaf blower to observe how forty seven of the reptiles held on to a wooden rod under tropical storm force winds at, one hundred. Two miles per hour they only held on with two fee letting their back legs fly In the win they lost their grip at one hundred eight miles per hour but don't worry the researchers say they. Were gathered into a net return safely Lisa lacerra FOX News Radio It's almost fulltime in Oklahoma Saturdays Norman arches any, other day they. Are defining moments in our history and on of the middle. Coast around, the twenty, fifth Before you know. It, the gates to the palace. Will be open welcoming the sea, of, crimson, and cream. Season tickets to the twentieth eighteenth, season are available and on. Sale now visit sooner sports dot com slash tickets or call eight hundred four five six go Just. Like, chatting with your neighbors afternoon. There for sitting around talking about the, latest, scuttle bug Believe that they lose your civilized it's we can be Or why I just, can't, believe people I am not surprised. That. Just annoy yes you jerk NewsRadio. One thousand Katie okay Just wander around being, dumb, all your life Oklahoma's place to. Talk Now broadcasting from the underground command post Thousands of the hidden bunker somewhere under the. Brick and steel, of a nondescript building we've once again made contact with our leader Hello, everybody Mark Levin. Here our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight. One one why, we have a full plate Full plate The, news outlets particularly FOX, Sky News some. Other reporting we have some deal with the European Union on non, Kar product, certain products Where the goal is to reduce or, eliminate tariffs And subsidies On non Kar products that are purchased And the way Sky News reports it Donald Trump has held a very big day for free and fair trade after reaching a deal to avert a blow a full-blown trade war with the EU, following talks with the European Commission president. John Claude Juncker at the White House Mr. Trump said the US in a you have agreed to work. To resolve their current dispute last month the US presidents slap tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to, prompt tit for tat measures, by Brussels including tariffs on bourbon. Whiskey Levi's jeans and Harley Davidson motorbikes. Mr. Trump had worn of retaliatory action your car makers. In a bid to de-escalate the quarrel Mr. Trump said he and Mr Juncker had agreed to work together toward. Zero-tariff, zero non-tariff barriers and zero subsidy now Mr. producer Zero tariffs zero subsidies who has. Been, preaching this Who's been preaching this and getting, calls for, some Trump supporters attacking me That we need tariffs to protect our industries Now there were some who said look, this is a negotiating tool for the president. But that's not what most said most said we need tariffs to protect our industries And what I what, have I been arguing no, get it down. As close to zero tear zero, subsidies, as possible try and work it out with, other countries if they don't go along we. Can go along anyway just do it Because money will. Flow into this country you know one of the things I meant. To mention yesterday in the past is when you talk about an imbalance? Of trade with the country one of the things that's not considered our, services and financial transactions that's a big deal for the United States just, products just products so it's. A phony number Now they're agreeing to work toward. Zero tariffs and zero subsidies On non automobile products I'm not one hundred. Percent show at that means is that includes steel and aluminum That. Would be great if it includes still aluminum but I didn't hear about stealing aluminum So we'll need to know more as time goes on, but this has been my point this, has been my argument the president campaign and say I want. Zero tariffs and zero subsidies if. I can get it from other countries and so forth that's not what he campaigned on they have genuflected. Somewhat over there. At the White House because I think you you, Lavigne I'ts out there you've been hurt I think you've been hurt by the White House which. Monitors this show That's why I. Say it's one thing to criticize the president, when we disagree with them it's, another thing to try and sabotage, him which is what the left, us which is what the media do. Which is what the Democrats do. Which is what the never. Trumpers do that's not what we do here that's not what I do So this is good if it's true if. It turns out to be accurate is what, I'm saying if they actually can, negotiate this no tariffs and no, subsidies that's the Levin position is, it not Mr. bidder I won't go. Back and play the audio over. And over and over again But that's our position And let's see, how this works out I hope it does Now I may wind up being tougher on. China than most people I'm not looking for. Trade deals with, China I'm not looking. For currency deals with China China's the enemy China's stealing our technology what kind of deal? Can we cut with China to stop them from stealing our technology But our allies I've never understood Why, we would treat. Them like China So free trade apparently is very very, important because now everybody's talking about it Everybody's talking about why Because. It's better for everybody that's why And now our companies have. To compete and our farmers will compete they're happy. To compete Perfectly fine by me Let's do it, in, steel and aluminum too Let's, remove all of our tariffs and subsidies well, only if the other guy does it well we should try, and ask the other guy to, do it but if. They don't do it they don't do, it Then more and more money will, flow in our country Money finances which doesn't. Even count towards the quote unquote imbalance of trade anyway We'll see, how this develops over time. There I hate getting into this stuff with this Michael Cohen and. The tape I hate it when the when the pseudo media drives the agenda but I've heard so much misinformation and disinformation and ignorance when it comes to our federal, campaign laws and whether Trump is on the hook for violating our campaign loss he's, led, to, a close to being on the hook, for violating our campaign laws I had Bradley Smith on this program. A few months ago the former chairman of the Federal Election Commission he wrote a beautiful piece in the Wall Street Journal he spoke at length us and he's coming, back at the bottom of the hour so we can go through this yet again You can have a nondisclosure agreement I've been saying. This now for months. Months months months with stormy Daniels or anybody else a nondisclosure, agreement is not hush money a nondisclosure agreement. Is not illegal a nondisclosure agreement even in a campaign. Is not a campaign violation and in no circumstances is it criminal this entire issue as another shiny object it's another phony issue That CNN they got the tape obviously from Lanny Davis when you, see Lanny Davis there yes ambulance chasing slip and fall. Lawyer that's right Lanny Every damn lie the Clintons ever. Told Lanny. Defendant So, now he's, there Michael. Cohen's lawyer trashing the president this. Guy Michael Cohen what a sleazeball I never spoke to him in my life. I never communicated with. Them in my life what a, sleazeball you're, taping your. Client apparently repeatedly Got a dozen tapes What are you going to? Do with. The tapes Sarah counselor you're gonna use. It against your client Incredible I think the New York bar ought to be taking a look at. This they're probably cheering on Michael Cohen and Lanny Davis right now. Too Colin could turn on Trump who cares if he turns on Trump a nondisclosure agreement with a payment is is. Legal while he might have set up an LLC a corporation to launder the. Money through without Trump's name on it in order to doesn't matter You're not laundering money they're LLC's I love place There's nothing illegal. There's nothing shifty there's, nothing wrong. With an LLC I don't. Have one but people have them Under our tax laws Perfectly permissible Well that way they won't know who's making, the payment who cares The issue here's Michael Cohen the issue is what the hell's Lanny Davis doing. In, the middle of this trashing the president of the. United States Well Cohen's gonna turn on Trump turn on Trump about what Here, we, are going. Down, another rabbit hole Russia now. Michael Cohen Russia Michael Cohen I'll, be, right.

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