Ford Celebrates Its 10 Millionth Mustang


Ford is riding high in the. Saddle today with the ten million Ford Mustang coming, off the line at the flat rock assembly plant and. WJR's Ken Rogulski is there dick it's almost a party atmosphere here at the flat rock assembly plant as the ten million Ford Mustang is set to roll off. The assembly line sometime around eleven ten or eleven twenty this morning Carl whitmire is the Mustangs chief engineer Yup big celebration for the plant here at flat. Rock big celebration. For the team big celebration for the community we. Have a lot of people brought their cars in we're trying to get one of. Every model year to. Show up in spell out ten million we're just tremendously excited for the car it's real celebration for the. Community everybody's had a memory in Mustang and it's all. Those millions of memories of your father's car the car you met your wife in. I mean there's just so many different. Stories I've heard last. Four years in this job it's just the celebration of not. Only the car but everybody I had one enjoyed having a caravan of Mustang set. Off from the Ford glasshouse shortly after. Nine. Thirty this morning for a short road rally all. The way down here the. Flat rock assembly plant and. With the state police escort are pulling in right now. On this parking lot there is a huge white painted pony and right below it Mustang and. When the car is finished being built. It'll be driven here by two. Ford employees and when the ten, million Mustang is done being built it'll be driven out here. For everybody to take a

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