Trump proposal would make it harder for legal immigrants to gain citizenship


Doc judge on one day it may seem as though he's attacking the prosecution in on the next day, as we entered the defense's case, he will be attacking them as well. We'll hear about the biggest wildfire and modern California history, whether cutting down trees makes wildfires less intense and tensions between Canada and Saudi Arabia over human rights. It's trying to tell the international community that if you're companies want a piece of the pie in Saudi Arabia, they'd better not criticize us. First, these headlines. Live from NPR news in. Washington I'm Jack Speer Paul manafort's former business partner Rick gates took the. Stand today for a second straight day as NPR's miles parks explains he was the only witness to testify in the endured a tough. Cross examination manafort's defense team is intent on string Rick gates, credibility, as a witness, there was, clear again when defense attorney Kevin downing probe gates on Tuesday, gates is he helped metaphor commit financial fraud by hiding money from the IRS and. Accounts overseas and lying banks to get loans but downing ask gates how he could possibly be trusted by the, jury the defense attorney asked about an. Extramarital affair gates had decade ago about the hundreds of, thousands of dollars Gates's admitted embezzling for Manafort gates is expected to take the stand again when court. Resumes Wednesday morning miles parks NPR news nearly fourteen thousand firefighters are battling seventeen major wildfires in California a pair, of fires in northern California. Have, combined become The largest fire in the state's history scorching more than two hundred. Ninety thousand acres. Tiffany Cam high reports. Mendicino complex is to fires burning about one hundred and twenty. Miles north of San Francisco. Persistent hot and dry weather have helped it grow too. It's unprecedented size here's. Cal fire spokeswoman Heather Williams it remains to be, very active it has. Limited access for our crews and it's, burning it, heavy fuel allows so it continues to pose challenges, to fire crews meanwhile triple digit weather extremely low humidity and gusty winds continue to complicate the fight. Further north near the city of reading where the car fire has been. Burning for more than two weeks for NPR news I'm Tiffany Cam high relatives with a man shot to death by police officers in. Saint Paul Minnesota have joined in calls for the immediate release, a, police body Cam, footage and, the nine one one call it preceded his death bureau of, criminal apprehension in a statement today saying Forty-three-year-old William James Hughes. Died of multiple. Gunshot wounds early Sunday morning when. Officers responded to a call of shots fired and apartment building Melvin Carter's the city's mayor I am reiterating. My call, for a transparent. Thorough in timely investigation including release of body Cam footage as soon as possible so far, there's, been no details about what happened at the scene. Police say Hughes. Was armed use relatives, and their. Supporters held a vigil last night. At the Minneapolis American Indian center US employers were posting more. Help wanted ads. In June than they were the previous month the. Labor, Department reporting job, openings rose, by three thousand to just over six point six million that number is actually higher than the number of people searching for work and close to APRIL's figure of six point. Eight million a record high stocks powered higher today with the broader market up after some strong. Second quarter earnings numbers for major corporations Dow gained, a hundred and twenty six points the s. and p. five hundred closed up eight points today the NASDAQ rose twenty three points, you're listening to NPR From news I'm Tara Siler south bay congresswoman Zoe Lofgren is bashing and. Expected proposal from the Trump administration that would make it tougher for legal. Immigrants to get green cards and citizenship if they have used public programs like ObamaCare according to an NBC news report the proposal could impact imigrants even if it was their American family members who used. A Bama care children's health insurance, or food stamps Lofgren says immigrants on welfare are, already in. Eligible to become citizens or residents is to try and get Trump's core voters to double down on the idea that, immigrants are cheaters and, welfare recipients really that's completely false Lofgren expects the proposal to be tied up in litigation if introduced at least, four Lake County unified school districts had delayed their start date due to the Mendocino complex. Fires lake port. Upper lake Lucerne and can ACTA. Unified school districts anticipate Starting the new school year in mid to late August depending on how the fire is controlled by those dates the delay will affect at least fifty one hundred students in the area, lake. Port district superintendent. April April Lieberman says the classrooms are currently filled with ash so we have to have all of that cleaned up before we can have students come back so you have the cleaning, of the buildings. Including the outside because there's ash everywhere And then you also have the air quality you, have multiple things happening at the same time Kelsey Ville and Middletown unified. School district's we'll have a normal start date and do not intimate any changes as of now I'm.

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