Asian tick seen in Washington County


And that's something Anthony Prasada, in the legal aid society has, been working to, change as they. Head out to Rikers island wanting to go back to control doing strings banking. Reggie, certain. Ways The importance of the lawyers actually pretty simple he says everyone except those serving time or on, parole for a felony can cast a ballot it's about more than just adding. To the voter rolls he says helps somewhat confidence and self esteem than so that's, important especially when everything that they're currently facing is the opposite. Of that of the estimated eight thousand people at. Rikers he says around six thousand are eligible to vote Steve. Burns WCBS NewsRadio eighty the feds are investigating, fires, in Ford f one, fifty pickups that, may have been caused by seatbelts there have been five complaints of the, f. one fifties seatbelt pretensioners, which puts you into position to withstand a crash possibly causing fires now three trucks were destroyed. But there's no word of any injuries the government investigation specifically looking at twenty fifteen through eighteen f one fifty s no, word if this will lead door, recall w w, j reporter Jeff Gilbert in, Detroit In West Chester the irvington fire chief has. Resigned amid accusations he stole money from. The fire company Joseph trauma had only been chief. For four months the company's president has trauma took less than one thousand dollars in unauthorized withdrawals and transfers on the company board asked. Him about it trauma admitted it and repaid. All the money he Asian Longhorn tick has been spotted in Westchester and Bergen counties for the first time it was I found infesting the ear of a sheep, in Huntington county New, Jersey in Asia the tick scary a virus that. Can be fatal but so far in the Longhorn ticks found in the US have not been carrying. Any human diseases bell Longhorn ticks, can lay hundred two fertile eggs in one sitting without mating sometimes sucks. So much blood they gorge. Themselves and die it's.

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