New mother tested positive for opiates after eating poppy seed bagel


And other hot humid day good morning I'm Deb Lawler top stories now too high stakes elections. One for a house seat in Ohio the other for governor. Of Kansas are too close to call although President Trump claimed, victory, on, Twitter last, night for Ohio Republican Troy balder. Sohn tough news for Red Sox nation this morning as announcer Jerry Remmy is facing another battle with cancer Rambis fought that disease for a decade finishing a round of treatment earlier this year and. An overnight house fire in Dorchester leaves one, person displays a firefighter suffered minor injuries battling that blaze. On ash bond street and other news the search is continuing for the driver of a car. That struck a bicyclists in Jamaica plain. The Senate. Was caught on another drivers dashcam WBZ's Ben Parker tells us the victim's family has plenty of questions and concerns the father of the twenty year old woman injured in a hit and run crash on monday says he can't believe the driver of the car involved didn't see her today overtake her and cut her off the man tells w._b._z. t._v. he got a call from his daughter after the collision that left her with scrapes and scratches she was crying tearful because he was shocked at the whole thing and she was in pain now police are looking for the driver of that vehicle a red four door hatchback and they're asking for the public's help ben parker w._b._z. newsradio ten thirty a western man is in custody after stabbing two people near city hall david burgos is charged with two counts of armed assault or murder no word on the condition of the victims the reward for information regarding missing university of iowa student molly tebbit's is now over three hundred thousand dollars the reward money has continued to pour in as individual donations are being accepted on the crime stoppers of central iowa website investigators are hoping the more than three hundred thousand dollar reward will convince someone with valuable information Step forward with a tip needed to break the case open crime stoppers assuring tipsters both by. Phone and online that their tips are anonymous Molly Tibbets. Has been missing for twenty. Days or father rob Tibbett says he believes his daughter is with someone she knows but admits it's just speculation Brian burrow ABC news USC president max Nikki s has stepped down after saying. He, would back in may the decision comes after many faculty members call for his resignation in the wake of sex abuse. Complaints involving a campus Dr CBS's. Suzanne marquess Nikki is based a series of scandals dean of the medical. School Herman Pola Fito was accused of using drugs even in his USC office his replacement mohawk Varna accused of. Sexually harassing a researcher USC settled for one hundred and. Thirty five thousand dollars last week USC as the. US attorney's office to open a criminal investigation into one hundred thousand dollar donation from LA county supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas that. Helped his son get a professor job at USC that money ended up in his son control A ks had, been USA president, since twenty ten Florida Atlantic university postpones its graduation ceremony after what. Police called a credible threat the announcement was made just. Minutes before commencement, was set to begin a sticky note. Containing a, threat was posted in a. Woman's bathroom, friends and, family of the. Graduates were already seated in the school's auditorium when the entire building. Was evacuated a new date has not been announced a Maryland woman discovers that eating a poppy seed bagel before giving birth has consequences Elizabeth. Eden told WBAL TV in Baltimore that she was in labor in. April when a doctor told her she had tested positive for opiates and. She had been reported to the state that net that her daughter had to stay at the hospital for five days while her mother was assigned a case worker however eaten fought back to a school health class where she learned that eating, poppy seeds could lead to a false positive the mom told the case worker about the bagel the file was closed I'm Shelley Adler. The Georgetown librarian Washington DC was forced to close after four snakes were discovered. Near meeting room the library, called pest control and the building, was given the all-clear yesterday the library will have another gathering of stakes today.

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