Jaguar escapes, kills 6 animals at New Orleans zoo


More animals injured after a three year old jaguars scape from his enclosure at the audubon zoo in new orleans zoo management says a staffers saw the wildcat outside early this morning before the zoo opened for the day the animal was then approached sedated and secured joe hamilton audubon zoo curator he's a young male jaguar he was doing what jaguars do i mean certainly his behavior wasn't out of the ordinary for that kind of an animal curator says they're investigating how the jaguar got out commerce secretary wilbur ross says he is selling off all his vast stockholdings after news reports raise questions about the timing of some of his stock transactions and you received a sharp reprimand from the chief federal ethics officer ross has made billions investing in distressed companies less than a year after giving birth serena williams battled her at first unseeded self back into the wimbledon ladies singles championship lost germany's angie kerber in straightsets six three six three williams says kerber played well i am enter just wanting to win some matches and they kept winning and it kept happening so it was definitely a little bit of a surprise for me is curb his third grand slam wins playing against the best and this is what i'm practicing for novak djokovic beat rafael nidal.

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