China central bank says cannot refuse, discriminate against cash payments


Unions forging ahead after the supreme court deals a large blow in a recent ruling you leaders to make their voices heard now more than ever after the supreme court's decision to not force nonmembers to pay public sector union fees the courts conservative majority decided union contract negotiations were linked with political activities a decision af afdc president randi weingarten calls manipulation of the constitution so let's make no mistake about it this was a an access special attack on us critic hans von spas vosges says the decision offers workers more choices moving forward this was a great upholding a first amendment right the right not to be forced union leaders and speakers encourage members to stay involved and keep their eyes set on the fall election in pittsburgh tie kirkland fox news morning in massachusetts after a police officer is killed a massachusetts police officer as well as an elderly woman both killed michael chasma of the weymouth police was responding to a car accident investigators say a lobes fled the scene and proceeded vandalizing nearby house officer chestnut pulled out his firearm and demanded loaf stop norfolk county district attorney greg connor says that's when the officer was attacked with iraq striking him in the head officer chesnut fell to the ground lopes then accused of taking chesney gun and fatally shooting him with it he reportedly fired several rounds also killing it on identified woman is stray bullets sprayed her home he's now in police custody tom graham fox news china's economic growth slowed to six point seven percent for the second quarter down from six point eight adding to challenges for beijing with the mounting tariff battle the decline was expected after beijing tightened controls on bank lending last year to cool surging debt forecasters say without sediment the tariff war between the us and china could weigh on activity i'm an character fox news radio from the florida central credit union home loans.

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