Samsung Display says unbreakable, flexible screen passes U.S. safety test


News time nine forty eight and mostly, sunny seventy eight degrees in Boston. Well into, the eighties today and humid. Good, morning I'm Deb Lawler top stories now the second phase. Of the com bridge project is underway significant delays are expected for those commuting from the west on Commonwealth avenue the mass pike and on the green line as shuttle buses are running in that stretch fifty-five flag-draped cases holding the remains of US servicemen killed in the Korean war are coming home after being. Received, at an airbase in South Korea. Today the handover comes on the sixty fifth anniversary of the Korean war armistice agreement, as Senator Claire mccaskill of Missouri says Russian hackers tried, unsuccessfully to infiltrate her Senate computer network raising questions about Russia's attempts to interfere in the two thousand eighteen election's, in other news down New Hampshire Democrats Maggie Hassen and anti Custer are sponsoring Bill that targets counterfeit pill makers the Bill allows a US attorney general, to create a registry of machines. Used to, manufacture the pills members of. Both, parties and President Trump's own opioid commission agree on the. Importance of regulating the machines Custer says the spread of synthetic opioids has, accelerated an already. Deadly epidemic knockoff opioids often contain dangerous synthetics like fennel seaweed lovers unite the main seaweed fair is tomorrow celebrating the marine algae that line the state's rocky coast the free event in the city of Rockland will include. Cooking, demonstrations seaweed art and of course. Lots of edible seaweed the days of cracked screens may soon be over CBS's Jim, Chenevey reports on a smartphone screen that cannot be broken, many people who carry smartphones know the feeling you broke the screen again Samsung claims it's developed a new phone, screen that can't be broken because it's Flexible engineers have taken a next generation organic or. Oh LED display and coated with an unbreakable substrate and fortified. Plastic they say you can drop it throw it bend it without cracking the screen it's already been through tests by underwriters laboratories and after twenty six drops. From a height of four feet the phone. Is said to function normally no damage to it front sides or edges. Jim Chenevey CBS news for decades a question as loomed over. The book the autobiography of Malcolm x. what happened to missing chapters, may have contained some. Of the most explosive thoughts of the minister and human rights, activists, well, the, answer came yesterday, when an unpublished manuscript. Of a chapter was sold by Guernsey's auction house in, Manhattan for seven thousand dollars the buyer was the Schaumburg centre. For research based in Harlem Schaumburg director Kevin. Yan confirmed it was. In, fact an. Unpublished missing section of Malcolm X's autobiography the manuscript was owned for Two years, by a lawyer for Rosa Parks who purchased a collection from. Author Alex Haley's estate President Trump has signed a Bill to. Name a post office, in Bristol, Rhode Island after an army green beret killed in Afghanistan it, will honor first sergeant p Andrew McKenna he died in an attack in Kabul in two thousand fifteen in Maine the ACLU has filed a lawsuit. Against, the department of corrections on behalf of an inmate who claimed he was denied medication to treat his opioid addiction the suit claims. Zachary Smith's rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act violated no. Comment from, the, corrections Commissioner. A new reboot of Charlie's angels will be hitting theaters next year. CBS's map piper has details Charlie's angels returning to the big screen this time. It'll have a female director at a multi-racial trio of women led by Kristen store British actresses Naomi Scott and Alabama linski will play the other leading. Roles Scott is Indian Malinska mixed race this'll be the third reboot after Farah Fawcett keep Jackson Jacqueline Smith, first appeared in nineteen seventy six this movie is expected. To be. Released in September twenty nineteen Matt piper CBS. News first thing in the morning..

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