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Rian Johnson Explains Why He Deleted 20,000 Tweets After James Gunn Firing


Seven on news nobody hit each other Erfurt buddy. Each other it was just camp they won so we got through that one anyway good crowd on handed Gillette is it's open to the public for a. While until the swift performs, each night trillion us deal Minnesota to two, one winners over, the. Red Sox two losses, in a row a Bill on, these, guys socks up one. Nothing through six twenty one of. The seventh one of the eighth Brian Johnson great. Five and two thirds four hits no runs. Matt Barnes ended up taking the loss in this one. Socks only four and a, half on the Yankees now they gain a full game in. Last night's, action Yankees, beating Kansas City seventy-two Aaron judge, hit by pitch on the wrist to x rays they say are, unclear got. More, tests. To do today but he may be out a while the, Yankees make another trade Jay hap- oh man another picture that the Red. Sox have trouble. With point eight four ERA in two starts against the Red Sox or one of them it ten strikeouts he. Had the the epic. At. Bat against. Mookie Betts, ended up with a grand slam that thirteen pitch thing, PawSox at home. Tonight seven oh five Start NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven. FM. St., McDonnell The. Yankees did acquire j a happ from Toronto comes picked up Cole hamels lefty from, the Texas Rangers really stink in the join out this, year but, the cubs think he's got something in the tank I guess and a bunch. Of low level prospects sent off to, the cubs for lefty Cole hamels. A Star Wars film maker deletes thousands of tweets after. Director James Gunn got, can't his FOX's, Kristin Goodwin Star Wars the last Jedi director. Ryan Johnson deletes twenty thousand tweets in the wake of director James guns firing from the guardians of. The galaxy, franchise responding to a tweet about his. Purged posts Johnson, claimed there was no. Official directive at all calling it a why not, move adding he doesn't think he's ever tweeted anything that. Bad but trolls scrutinizing it for ammunition is the new normal. Disney recently fired gun from guardians, of the galaxy volume, three after a series of. Past tweets resurfaced referencing insensitive jokes including about pedophilia and rape John Johnson, is also a member of the Disney family. Through Lucas film and developing a film at trilogy in, the Star Wars universe I'm Kristin Goodwin. Fox News six twenty seven a new set of Kennedy centers honorees. Has just been announced this year's class includes share REBA mcentire composer Philip glass and, jazz great Wayne shorter in addition a special awards going, to go, to the musical Hamilton the first time in the centers forty-one career history that. An honor is being given not to an individual but to a work. Of art the Kennedy center's honors will take place on. December the second in, on CBS in, December the twenty six and wireless customary for. The president to attend that ceremony President Trump skipped it last year after honorees threatened not to attend. So far, the White House has told the New. York Times that, President Trump has not. Decided yet about attending this year but when you, consider the fact that some of these honorees including share. And Miranda they have been vocal critics of the president if. He does things could get a, little bit awkward my, guess is he'll probably skip, it Again well a nine to five sequel has been confirmed Jane Fonda did so annoyed Jane time for another eighties reboot Jane Fonda. Confirmed that plans to reboot, the, nineteen eighty, hit nine to five with a. Sequel or in the works. Hoping to reunite her with, Dolly, Parton and, lily Tomlin she sent. Out, a, tweet. That said, right now Dolly Lilly and I are all intending to. Be in it agree or disagree with Jane Fonda as political you know her slant where she stands politically, her agenda I think we're gonna. Agree that that was a pretty good movie nine to five pretty funny cast is set, for Charlie's angels reboot to this would be a reboot of the reboot, right director is Elizabeth banks about that serving up some serious girl power sources. Telling variety the reboot of Charlie's angels is on the way it's going to start Kristen Stewart Naomi Scott and. Ella Malinska the movie is due for release on September the twenty seventh in two, thousand nineteen now it's going to be directed. By Elizabeth banks she's going to be in two and. She's going to play Charlie traditionally a Male role listen if banks is. Going to be Charlie if, you know you love. Skittles you'll be interested to hear that the now, come in a variety without shelves. Believe, it or not the u k Mars candy. Company created a new product that's called skittles choice it's. A shell miss gummier version of the skills that you might know one love they come in the following flavors you'll be able to pick them up in orange lemon lime black. Currant and strawberry so far no right now not, to be, released in the United States so they're going to I guess test market them in the UK. They might, be heading.

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