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Howard air Five oh. To continuing now with our, top story on the death. Of the, GPS trooper retired Phoenix police sergeant Darren Birch joined KTAR Bruce St? James and Pamela Hughes show today and he gives his two cents worth as to why he. Thinks there's a growing number of, police involved shootings this year one area being social media. But now with social media and again. It goes back to your, statement Bruce impression or is it truth we're seeing a. Lot of an, all use the term loosely. Citizens doing a lot of ethics please According to our TV partners ABC fifteen have been a total of fifty five officer and deputy involved shootings across the valley as today now the concerns of police survivors a group also. Known as cops says that they're ready to provide moral support to the family of the fallen DPS trooper we help them with a number of things with moral support. With helping them put together benefit information to you know. Just getting through the day Jan blazer upchurch with cops says the organization is made up of families of, survivors legal battles, continue, after the. Strange, case from the summer of two thousand fifteen when eight cars, were hit with bullets throughout the valley KTAR's, alley vetnar is live in the news center, to explain governor Doug Ducey will not have to give a deposition over phone calls made between him and DPS over the, alleged conclusion to the I, ten freeway shooting case a. District judge, ruled lawyers for the man charged in the, case Leslie marriage junior? Would not be able to get any valuable information by questioning the governor over the calls the, judge Says the attorneys. Could still get information from others who work the investigation there have. Been no arrests since mayor juniors released after seven months in jail the case remains unsolved live. In the. News, center I'm Ali vetnar KTAR, news more than four hundred acres have been burning since Saturday within the Grand Canyon Rachel grabbing signs the fire information officer. For the north rim of the Grand Canyon and tells KTAR how it started to these fires are all, natural lightning, strike ignitions that are caused, with the monsoon season there are no closures to the park as of yet but, there is a lot of smoke coming from both in north and south portions of the rim firefighters have been down the state of California are up against some scorching heat strong winds and bone dry. Conditions battling a number of wildfires throughout that state at least five homes destroyed so far forty seven hundred acres now chart the fire five percent contained authorities say the. Fire was deliberately set arresting thirty two year old Brandon. At, Glover he's now charged with five counts of arson its ABC's will car there's a search underway for, a missing Hiker near Sedona Coconino county deputies. Say sixty year old David light hall was last seen Wednesday near the Britain's Mesa trail soldiers pass trail. Junction around ten AM he stands about six three ways two hundred fifty pounds has blue eyes Brown hair and was last seen wearing Brown Columbia hiking boots a jury in Mohave county is awarded the largest. Verdict in county history eight million dollars in damages the, case involves a surgeon who was accused of willfully causing the death of his own patient the patient's. Wife and her Phoenix attorney filed a lawsuit against Dr Arnaldo tributo but a, jury in Kingman found the lawyer, in his firm wrongfully sued and accused the, doctor in the death Papa John formerly sues, Papa John's founder. And ousted former Papa, John's chairman John Schneider, has sued Papa John's international Inc demanding the company released internal, documents Schneider resigned. As chairman of the company's board after facing. Criticism for using a. Racial slur during a media training call Red mount freeway. Eastbound fifty one? At twenty four minutes..

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