Tech firms should be made liable for 'fake news' on sites: UK lawmakers


Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Charles Snyder crews are. Battling a deadly wildfire in northern California the car fires killed at least two people and destroyed hundreds of structures hot dry winds, and triple digit, temperatures are fanning. The flames as Jefferson public radio. April Ehrlich reports firefighters are, trying to contain the blaze and reading a city one hundred miles south of the Oregon, border but the hot. Windy weather won't let up California Forestry department spokesman Chad Carol said he. Seemed many fires but none quite like this I haven't seen. Trees ripped out of the ground and thrown sideways like this one did thousands of people have evacuated their. Homes including reading resident Pollock or. Nado here's what she saw Thursday night I went outside my backyard and, I just happened to look over in the corner of my yard through some trees and I saw flame she like. Many other reading residents doesn't know if house is left standing it's Unclear when they can return home for NPR news any. Dormitory for training midwives in eastern Afghanistan has come under attack there's been, no reports of casualties so far. As NPR's Diaa Hadid reports attack began with explosions, and gunfire but local media reported most of the trainees will able to flee, video from the scene showed plumes of smoke, rising from near the area in Jalalabad city is weighted down a. Nearby road the casualties to arrive it's, just the latest in a. Series of attacks to target Jalalabad the last major incident was over two weeks ago when ISIS militants assaulted an educational department compound, they killed at, least ten people. Do you hit he'd NPR news. Islamabad pope Francis has accepted, the resignation from the college of cardinals of Theodore mckarrick Vatican says the former archbishop of, Washington DC sent his. Resignation letter to the pope last night following sex abuse allegations about against. Statement Says Francis has ordered McCarrick, to conduct a life of prayer and penance in. A home to be designated until a church trial is held members. Of the British parliament say the. UK is facing a democratic crisis because of the spread of fake news, parliamentary report is due, to be released tomorrow but it's been leaked and the BBC's ROY kellyn Jones reports at scope grew amid allegations at Cambridge analytical used to Facebook user data for targeted political messaging this has. Been a long running report it started way before the Cambridge analytic. FA exploded looking at the whole phenomenon of fake news but it then zeroed in on what, Cambridge analytical did and also on. The behavior of? The various parties during the referendum campaign in twenty sixty so looking really not just at obviously fake stories but the way campaign become very adept at using data on Facebook and other platforms to, send messages you're listening to NPR news Carrie Fisher will appear in the next Star, Wars movie despite her death at the end of twenty six team NPR's teams Dubec reports that producers say they're planning to use previously unreleased footage shot for. The force awakens some had speculated that. Producers would opt to use computer generated animation to bring Fisher's character back but j.j Abrams who, is returning to direct delays installment says quote we were never going to recast or use a CG character Abrahams says filmmakers have found a way. To honor Fisher's legacy by using the unseen footage, shot for episode seven Fisher became a breakout star with her role as Princess Leia starting in one. Thousand nine hundred seventy seven Stars from the latest films including daisy Ridley are set. To return along with actors Mark Hamill and Billy Dee Williams from the original trilogy shooting is set to begin in London on Wednesday and episode nine is set for release in December of next year, James Dubec, NPR news a tour de France is wrapping up tomorrow but the winner this year's race will be determined today Jake sagana rose impairs reports at Welsh cyclists guarantee Thomas is expected to take the title today's thirty one. Kilometer roots in the Basque country is a sprinting time-trial Dutch cyclists Tom Dula is the current. World time trial champion and favored to win he won the, GTO, Talia last year by overturning his time deficit in a similar. Stage but, Gareth Thomas has led the general classification for several days and is expected to perform well enough, to keep the yellow jersey and win the tour de false reporting there from Paris on trial Snyder NPR news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include American Express proud supporter of the how I build this summit taking place in San Francisco at the Uraba Buena center on October sixteenth learn more about this summit at NPR dot org, slash summit This weekend, edition from.

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