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Other news, today a man in the country illegally is the suspect in the murder of university of Iowa. Student Molly Tibbets Twenty-four-year-old Christian Rivera faces a first degree murder charge in the death of the twenty year old who spent time in. Oakland a body believed to be Tibbets was found this morning in an Iowa corn Field district attorneys in California had decided to. Prosecute the alleged Golden State. Killer in Sacramento seventy two year, old Joseph Di Angelo is accused of thirteen, murders thirteen kidnappings during the course of robberies and eighteen rapes in counties in six counties pardon me Ventura County DA Gregg Totten's says having a unified trial in Sacramento was. The best move for the victims and their families we are United. Together and we're going forward with, an unyielding determination to have a. Successful result in this case, included in the charges against the Angelo, are four individual cases of kidnappings. During the course of,

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