Major League Baseball will require Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader to take sensitivity training


Four thirty two from the. WTMJ breaking news center the brewers a major league. Baseball are responding. To the revelation of racist and anti gay tweets from pitcher Josh, Hader WTMJ, Scott wars has the latest John let's. Start with what major league baseball announced today in a statement they said that the office of the. Commissioner will require, of heater, sensitivity training and participation in MLB's diversity and inclusion initiative had been some talk that he may be would face suspension that will not be the case and then brewers. General manager David Stearns releasing this statement a short time. Later saying in part that those who have come to know Josh hater do not believe that these posts. Represent. His beliefs Stearns will join Wisconsin's? Morning news tomorrow at eight ten I'm Mike Spaulding may. Be, an opportunity for him to show his human brewers reliever Josh hater owning up to his racist and anti-gay tweets in what's amounting to, another case, of what's on the internet is there forever belt. Or in, Lincoln's, Andy, Larson humping that. Coaches parents and anyone who's in a, position of authority your leadership needs to try and. Convey to, a seventeen year old or younger anyone really who's on social media what you put out there, stays out there. And deleting it doesn't mean it. Goes away catering the brewers returned to the field. On Friday I. Commute challenging commute this morning after a complete shutdown of the Marquette, interchange WTMJ's, Tony bedrock live in the breaking news. Center Melissa no injuries are being reported after two vehicles burst into flames when a car slammed into. A construction truck, carrying a, type of road primer it happened just after three this morning along forty-three northbound at wells air Lipsky the Milwaukee fire department says they use an abundance of caution it'll. Take a slightly like hey we're going to settle, stuff That's not there's no joy in that there's even less I think we have a massive lips he says it nearly prompted. Evacuations before they knew a, less, toxic chemical was on board A community group hoping to improve communication between the residents and police in Milwaukee it's an effort to build trust between residents. And law enforcement I'm assuming that it probably will have some some differences. In regards, to what it looks like from the community versus the police. Department to walking community collaborative. Committee chair, markes a Tucker says. The report should be ready for, the common council this fall we hope to get something in the budget for twenty nineteen that's what we're really hoping Tucker says some people are skeptical, there's a lot riding on this and we hope that all of the agencies and the community continue steadfast and be strong throughout this process outside their Wisconsin black historical society in Milwaukee Jane Matenaer. WTMJ, apology from the. Mayor and a settlement from a central Florida's city that. Took issue with a couple's decision to. Have their home painted like a Van Gogh masterpiece starry night WKNO jeez Amanda Castro explains The mural was graffiti Nicole violation and a traffic concern finding the homeowners more than ten thousand dollars they bought a federal lawsuit claiming the city, violated their first and fourteenth amendment rights the city decided to settle the case as part of the agreement the homeowners wanted a public apology from the mayor who calls this unfortunate dispute WTMJ news, time, four thirty.

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