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America fear of. The gang is alive and well here in the US you wouldn't believe how bad these people These people Animals what is MS thirteen and how much does it threaten our national security and MS? Thirteen one oh one next time on one a. We'll bring it at one eight. Program, tonight at eleven o'clock here on Mostly sunny. Later today with San Francisco expecting to top out at sixty eight degrees Oakland. Will have a high of seventy three. Mountain View reaching seventy nine Napa we'll get up to eighty three today Santa Rosa and, San Jose will both have a high of eighty six and in. Sacramento it'll. Reach ninety nine degrees at. The time is. Five, fifty one good morning this is the California report I'm penny Nelson well we start this morning with, an update on the Ferguson wildfires still burning out of control near Yosemite national park for the seventeen thousand acres have been consumed by the blaze and it's just five percent contained firefighters there continue. To face hot and dry. Conditions with more problematic weather on the horizon. On top of the, weather there. Are the rugged conditions to factor in. Here's Cal fire spokesman Richard Egan the terrain has been a significant problem it's pretty steep terrain. Not really easily accessible by foot as thirty six year old firefighter died Saturday after his bulldozer overturned officials say to other firefighters were injured on Tuesday We turn now to our continuing. Coverage of the children separated from their migrant parents. At the US Mexico border the government must identify the parents of all kids five and older by today is an. Interim step to, meeting, court deadline to reunite, all the children with their parents by next week Julie small reports federal officials say they have custody of two. Thousand five hundred fifty one children who remained. Separated from their parents on Monday they told a federal judge in San Diego they had identified the mother or father for nearly all those children and cleared more than nine. Hundred to, return to their families attorney Spencer under with the American Civil Liberties union. Says the government has yet to confirm any of the kids have, been reunited we, are still waiting to get a list of all the. People but under says the federal judge who ordered the. Reunifications made it clear he wants the government to act as fast as possible I think they're, doing it hopefully quickly and they're doing it Patches you know another group. Of people each day is getting reunified and then. Hopefully released for now the government is not allowed to immediately deport families that have been reunited in order to give. Them time to, understand, their rights volunteer immigration, lawyers are mobilizing to be on hand to help represent the families for the California report I'm Julie small in. San Diego meanwhile on the legislative side California. Senator Kamala Harris introduced legislation to require the federal government to immediately reunify all migrant families separated at the border in recent months this comes after a federal judge in San. Diego ruled, that separated children must be reunited by July twenty sixth the senators Bill. Unveiled earlier this week also requires many of the parents have separated, children to be, released while they pursue a legal way to stay in. The US k. q. e. d. Sonia Hutton reports in. Addition to family reunification and release of parents the Bill also Requires. The federal, government to publish guidance on how it will do that that must include sustained and. Free contact between parents and children access to.

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