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Grand jury indicts, twenty nine year old rushing graduate student on conspiracy charges acting as a foreign spy ABC news chief. Legal analyst Dan Abrahams are basically saying that she was conspiring to be a Russian agent here in the United States and lying about what she was doing here I think they were worried that she, was about, to flee, which is the, reason that they're filing these charges immediately Maria. Patina is, an alleged, Russian agent who is believed to have been operating in the US since two thousand fifteen I this is. W SP twenty four hour continuing news it is a mystery but an autopsy may shed some light on the death of a Cherokee county mama mother and her baby a two. Year. Old found unharmed in that acworth home. The sheriff's office says there's no evidence of foul play. A north Georgia teacher who barricaded himself inside his classroom earlier this year with a gun then. Fired that gun is headed to jail for two years and we'll spend, eight years on. Probation Jesse Randall Davidson had locked kids out of the outlawed last semester when he fired through a window at Dalton high school he ultimately surrendered and. Nobody was hurt WSB news time is ten to is we, take a look at the WSB marketwatch the Dell right..

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