Louisville police brace for clash between Occupy ICE and militia group


A former marquette university professor can go back to his teaching job there wisconsin supreme court ruling in favor of professor john mcadams who says he was fired over a blog post he wrote in two thousand fourteen to get rid of troublesome faculties are who air the dirty linen their institutions mcadam speaking exclusively with wtmj marquette's legal counsel ralf weber tells us the university will abide by the court's decision but says mcadams wasn't fired for blonde posts a tenured professor put a grad student's name and contact information on the internet so that people could go after her that's cyberbullying that's not academic freedom mike spaulding wtmj news the milwaukee sheriff's department is asking for the public's help in searching for a suspect after a woman reported being sexually assaulted in mccarty in west allis thursday night the suspect is described as a black male around thirty years old short hair and goatee if you have any information on this incident please contact the sheriff's department friday's jobs report celebrated with house speaker paul ryan speaks in wisconsin he's campaigning for state senator leia look near who is challenging us senator tammy baldwin people are going back to work companies are moving back to america the military is being rebuilt we are getting it right and we're putting could judges on the bench all over the place ryan speaking at a campaign rally in p walkie this evening getting ready for possible trouble saturday over immigration that being the police in louisville kentucky's says abc's chuck's iverson the militia group the three percenters is planning counter demonstrations as protesters outside the ice officers planned to call for the abolishment of federal immigration police we have good information that some of those planets demonstrate intend to bring guns which is their right as kentucky law allows for people to carry firearms louisville metro police chief steve conrad says they'll also look for two by fours that are being used as a signpost large sticks or other items that could pose a danger some streets would be blocked chuck sivertsen abc news secretary of state mike pompeo was north korea to work on how and win the country will start the process of denuclearization president trump and north korean leader kim jong un set the goal of denuclearization of the korean peninsula during their summit last month pump has been meeting with north korean officials in the capital of pyongyang harley davidson morale is high overseas several thousand motorcycle loyalists are gathering in prague this week celebrate all things hd milwaukee journal sentinel writer rick barrett is.

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