New York sues OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma over opioids


Ten the state of New York is suing the drug company, Purdue pharma for allegedly. Misleading doctors and patients about. The danger of its opioid drugs more on that from WCBS reporter Mak Rosenberg a pseudo addiction is how the governor and AG say. Purdue pharma referred to the deadly side Effects of opioids they're suing the Stanford based company is part of a multi state investigation into the opioid crisis one that has taken the lives of. Thousands, of New Yorkers in recent years but the deceptiveness by Purdue and misrepresenting its, products goes back decades Cording to the lawsuit. And continued even, after the company pleaded guilty to criminal conduct in two thousand seven and said it would, correct it's misleading marketing which Cuomo would, say understated the risks and overstated the benefits of drugs like Oxycontin they want to pay back. The money, it made off that marketing including restitution and, damages to, the

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