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Dot com no better place to get everything back to school from a to z NBA great LeBron James is opening a public school for challenged children in his. Hometown of Akron Ohio James who's leaving. The Cleveland Cavaliers to, join the Los Angeles Laker, trend in his. Hometown of, Akron Ohio James. Who's leaving. The Cleveland. Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers says this'll be one of the. Greatest moments if not the greatest of my life the I promise school will initially house two hundred forty third, and fourth graders. Before expanding James admitted to having jitters before the school opened on Monday Harley Davidson says it will introduce an electric motorcycle next year it'll be called. Livewire and it'll come with no clutch gears Harley Davidson plans to expand the line over the next few years the American. Motorcycle company says it will also open smaller storefronts in. Urban areas to broaden its appeal Harley Davidsons been facing dwindling sales in the US a, team of, international investigators has released its report on the. Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight three seventy four years ago AP correspondent Rita Foley reports, the, plane, vanished on a flight from Colombo to Beijing with two hundred thirty nine people on board they, think, somebody, deliberately flew the aircraft was spot in the Indian Ocean. Where presumably crashed who and why still a mystery they say the pilots and the passengers. Are not suspects the chief investigator brought up the idea of a third party to use his phrase someone for instance who may have held the pilots Hostage but he says no ransom demands have. Ever been made danika weeks husband Paul was on the plane we're further ahead of funding, I loved, ones or what happened to them Four and a. Half years on that's frustrating I'm Rita Foley Hi I'm Ralph Rousseau AP college football writer and host of the AP top. Twenty five college football podcast available on apple podcasts and. Podcast one while there be sure to subscribe rate, and review that's the AP top. Twenty five. College football podcast.

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