Powerful earthquake strikes Indonesia, killing dozens


Breaking news center I'm Barry Nelson an amusement park worker was caught on camera nodding off. All operating right at little America in the town of Marcia Marshall over the weekend Thomas for. Tuskegee and his wife took their three year old granddaughter to the. Park because the ride seem toddler friendly little did they know the right operator would put his granddaughter's. Life at risk the ride is one thing once its operational but if you have an attendant that's not paying attention. To the ride and. Something occurs that could be problematic for Tuskegee believes the operator was drunk at the time the. General manager of the amusement park could not say for sure if that was the, case but did say the man was sent home and has been. Fired the Milwaukee public school district has, its recruited has started, its recruiting, drive, to, try. And boost enrollment doctor keep -posedly and. Other leaders are. Going door to, door to encourage families to send. Their kids to city schools Enrollment for NPS has dropped from ninety, seven thousand students in two thousand three to seventy eight thousand last year. -posedly said this tactic is the first of, its kind in the city police, in Cheboygan are looking for a dog that bit a four year old this afternoon it happened at king park around five thirty the. Boy is okay but police are asking for the public's help in locating the dog it's described. As a fifty to sixty pound pit bull mostly white with black. Spots on its back black legs and a spotted tail anyone with information is asked to call the. Sheboygan police and the death toll from that massive earthquake in Indonesia is now more than ninety ABC's Linda Lopez reports Seven point zero magnitude. Earthquake destroying thousands of homes and triggering salami. Warning for a short, time that warning has since been cancelled the Torres islands of lumbar. Was hardest hit the quake so powerful it was felt in the neighboring island of Bali buildings were also destroyed his comes just one. Week after another massive quake hit Lombok killing more than a dozen people Linda Lopez ABC news sports traffic and weather are next WTMJ news. Time,.

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