Pompeo warns Russia, China about violating North Korea sanctions


The twos, here's ROY Moore sit evening frankly began with a look at interstate ninety five southbound traffic is slowing from just south of bridge street on down to Gerard avenue northbound bid heavy approaching the Commodore. Barry, bridge traffic slows right around four twenty then north of the airport and up to the point bridge traffic is heavy and slow as motorist make their way towards citizens. Bank park for tonight's Phillies fish game west on the vine in center city Philadelphia milley's furniture jam Cam shows traffic. Slows as you make your way onto the ramp to. The westbound Schuylkill eastbound traffic slow some seventy six pass broadstreet Lincoln drive shut down for, the weekend because of construction between ridge avenue. And Wayne avenue believe me it'll be worth. It to win things finished some time in two thousand nineteen. Ninety events for the weekend until six AM Monday between. Rage and Wayne on, eastbound Schuylkill traffic slows east. Of two oh two pockets of slowing four seventy six to just pass Belmont jam traffic east of the boulevard just past University Avenue, that disabled between university great Vary avenue and twentieth street. Has been cleared out of the right lane so that's some good news over in jersey. Traffic is, easing on forty two. South south of fifty five down a lower. Landing that's our only real delay in jersey area bridges checkout okay mass transit's running on or close to schedule your next update in less than ten minutes I'm Troy Morris in the TruMark financial twenty four. Hour traffic center thank you Troy, KYW news time six oh three the president off to Ohio today holding a rally for, state Senator Troy balder it. Was running Tuesday in an open congressional race against democrat Danny O'Connor the White House says it's. A tough, one White House columnist wooded hill publications is another reason to be concerned about Ohio and other states the president's popularity has dipped in a number of states that he has one this special election. Is, in a district that has been in Republican hands for some years it is I think overall still expected that the Republican candidate will prevail there And the president was campaigning here in Pennsylvania earlier in the week he's. Also holding rallies in other pivotal swing states KYW news down six. Oh four. International. Politics now the. Secretary. Of state. Is warning several countries against any violation of international sanctions on North Korea secretary. Of state Mike Pompeo is accusing North Korea and other countries, a violating. United Nations sanctions at a conference in Singapore. Expect the, Russians in all countries to abide by the UN Security Council resolutions and enforce sanctions. On North Korea North Korea's foreign minister responded saying recent moves by the US. Are alarming and that North Korea has initiated goodwill measures Pompeo handed over a letter from. President Trump, intended for North Korean leader Kim Jong UN Wendy Gillette CBS. News KYW news time six oh five the. Competition is heating up today at the transplant gains of America being. Held in Salt Lake City Utah today swimming basketball in a five k., run ws Jim Melwert. Not only covering team Philadelphia for us he's also competing in the games as a living kidney donor. Came Phillies Bill. Solloway the second transplant games picked up a bronze medal in cycling on the first day of competition a, long time coming says as he came up short at his first games two years ago in hopes of getting. A medal. To give to the, family of the man who.

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