University also cut men’s exam scores


Hey, I'm Julia for lawn. Here's three stories you need to know about today. Paul Manafort who was Trump's campaign chairman for a few months in two thousand sixteen has been on trial all week. You might remember him from that infamous Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump, junior, Jared, Kushner, and a Russian attorney who claimed to have incriminating information about Hillary Clinton. Now he's facing criminal charges of money laundering violating federal lobbying disclosure law and obstruction of Justice in federal courts in Virginia and DC. This trial is a huge deal for a few reasons. One is that it's the first case brought by special counsel, Robert Muller's office that's actually making it to a jury. The rest of the cases out of the special counsel's office where resolved through plea deals or they're still pending. Manafort is facing eighteen counts. And if he's found guilty, he could face a maximum of three hundred and five years. The trial has been pretty action packed, at least as far as trials go on Wednesday, the prosecution pissed off the judge when they presented a lengthy test. Tony about manafort's expensive suits, pricey, home renovations, high end cars and more U S District judge t s Elston. The third was not having it as testimony went on and on the judge interrupted the lawyers, chastise them in front of the jury and repeatedly told them to hurry up and get to the point. Eventually the judge had enough. He told the prosecutors quote, we don't convict people because they have a lot of money to throw around. They countered and said that the evidence about manafort's lifestyles relevant because it goes towards showing how much income he was bringing in during the years in question income that Manafort is charged with under reporting and his income tax returns. The trial picks up again today and it's meant to last another two weeks for updates on the ongoing trial and to see some pictures of manafort's clothing. Please go to us news dot com. It's worth it. Tokyo Medical University has allegedly been lowering the scores of female applicants so that they can keep its ratio of women, the low thirty percent. Yup, you heard that, right? An unnamed officials said that the university has a shortage of doctors and people think it's because there are too many women graduating from the school and then dropping out of the workforce have children. The source also said that women doctors are quote more unwanted in the surgical department where working hours are irregular and emergency operations occur. So because there were so many successful female applicants in two thousand ten, the university now automatically deduct a set number of points from the test scores of every female applicant. This deduction reduces the number of women who make it to the next stage. In the application process, Japanese universities are allowed to set a student gender ratio as long as it's public, but Tokyo Medical University did not announce the ratio while recruiting students, the university is conducting. An internal investigation and will present the results at a press conference later this month. Look around you. Do you see apple devices anywhere near you? If you do, you've probably helped apple become the first company in Wall Street history to be worth one trillion dollars. So what does this actually mean? Really not that much. It's more of a symbolic achievement. It means that investors are really, really into the fact that apple is so good at making and selling phones, ipads, laptops, and watches and doing it consistently so much so that they're willing to buy in regardless of how high the stock price rises. This is especially wild because if you remember the nineties fondly, like I do or if you saw the cinematic masterpiece Steve Jobs, you'll remember that one thousand nine hundred five apple founder, Steve Jobs, left the company, and everyone kind of assumed that was it. One of business week's covers was literally a picture of the old rainbow apple logo. With the phrase, quote the fall of an American icon that all changed when Steve Jobs returned to the company in one thousand nine hundred seven and with the introduction of the iphone decade later while the rest is history. Hey, did you know that you can listen to reporting to you on the Amazon echo? It's true. Just say, Alexa, play BuzzFeed news, and then magically here I will be. I make sure you listen to our new podcast, the news this week we started adding Wednesday episodes, so you're gonna love it wherever you get your podcasts..

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