Spain and Portugal swelter as heat wave kills 3 people


Jamie don't be alarmed but I. Think there's a guy following you maybe. We should, get that guard dog we talked about nothing too scary maybe like. A Bichon, with an attitude you know progressive's collision insurance. Covers injured dogs and. Cats and no extra cost, so wait the guy stood up when I stood, up he's on the phone he's, looking right at me Wayne it's just my reflection don't tell. Anyone about, this progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates pet. Coverage not available in. New Hampshire and North Carolina Four thirty eight time for traffic, and weather together. On the eighth with Phil buck. Let's go to New Jersey take a ride on the Garden State Parkway southbound from one forty two in hillside down to one forty in union, you've got a two. Mile stretch of traffic travelling under the speed limit. And, northbound delay to. From one forty four in irvington to one forty seven in east. Orange that's about a three mile stretch, over on route forty six in Parsippany there is flooding blocking a lane the left lane in. Each direction, this is east of two eighty seven Connecticut turnpike southbound lots of traffic from. Forty one and orange down to thirty eight in Milford then, again you've got slow spots. Getting. Through Norwalk and again through Stanford. The Merritt Parkway southbound has a. Delay now from Norwalk down to new Canaan. New York. State through way northbound that's kind of sluggish. From, exit eleven up to. The Palisades Parkway southbound delay between the Palisades and route three. Oh three and we're slowing on the southern state Parkway Eastbound from Hempstead avenue out to, peninsula boulevard LIW Ronkonkoma train this weekend buses replaced the trains between Ronkonkoma and hicksville and service. To and, from Brooklyn on the l. a. double r. is down to an hourly scheduled. This weekend because of work another traffic update in less than, ten minutes on WCBS now. Look. At the forecast with meteorologist Frank. Straight it'll stay warm and muggy. Tonight we'll have partly cloudy skies we only. Dropped seventy. Four in midtown sixties in the cooter suburbs Ultra areas of fog late tonight early tomorrow Heat waves coming up the next few. Days partly sunny high near ninety for tomorrow, Orman muggy with mainly clear skies. Tomorrow night low. Seventy five in mid town Monday and Tuesday we remain hot and humid with sunshine high Ninety-three for Monday and Tuesday Tonight partly cloudy. Low seventy four that, heat wave the. Next few days right now seeing a bit, of sunshine through the clouds in Hudson square Eighty-three degrees eighty three in. Garden city eighty six in Benson her stubby CBS news time four forty hot all. Across Europe and in some cases it's proven. Deadly Larry Miller with more in the foreign, desk sweltering under a wave of hot air blowing in from the, Sahara desert Portugal remains just shy of the. All-time European record temperature of. One hundred eighteen point four degrees never felt like this before laments this. Canadian tourists, were just drenched in Portugal nearly a thousand firefighters tried. To contain a major blaze in Spain at least three men. Of died of heatstroke it's so hot in Europe asphalt is melting, and Swiss police dogs wearing shoes to. Protect their paws Larry Miller CBS news from, a he problem to a pop. Problem a new. Report by the US attorney in Oregon finds farmers there are producing more Marijuana than they can. Sell the release. Of the high intensity drug trafficking report. Has Billy, Williams saying, that overproduction is rampant and illegal. Transport of the product out of state continues unchecked it wasn't that long ago that we talked to grow or James Knox about Oregon's marijuana problem.

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