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Researchers Create Heart Attack Prediction Tool


Teenagers. Who smoke and drink alcohol are causing visible damage to their arteries by. The age of Seventeen according to a new study and fatal heart attacks, could be predicted. Years, in advance after a new method of reading. Routine heart scans that can pinpoint, those most at risk proves successful than its very first major trial Christian wild my, heart book dot com and an expert on the ticking heart is with us this is amazing Christian isn't it well it is George remember I had my first ABC, t- electronic beam commuted tomography in nineteen ninety seven at UCLA, so what's taken all this time to, where you're getting more viability and the need for people, to have the scandal it's a coronary scan it. Measures coronary calcification in your arteries. And which ones are more apt to explode to to literally pop because these vulnerable plaques are Very vulnerable to the, heat of inflammation and again we're talking about inflammation that's about a four. Hundred dollar scam anybody that wants to have one can have them they're all over at the different centers and this is going to be a step forward and let me ask you this how long would a heart really continued, to beat in pump if all the arteries remained clear no plaque no fatty deposits. Of the artery walls, how long? Would, that heart go. Well that's a hard one to answer but I'll take a stab at it all right people. Who live extremely long periods of time if their livers don't go out if their kidneys still go out but that. Heart keeps on beating. No telling how long it can go and if today you can you can enhance that condition of that art through stem cells or Ever,

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Researchers Create Heart Attack Prediction Tool

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