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Pairing nachos with a sovereign belong whereas infantile Though I go when you go home tonight ask. Ask your, Amazon speaker you know hey what what goes, well with Eminem peanuts Something along those lines by the way mega millions jackpot which you have no shot at three hundred and seventy five million dollars for tonight's drawing three hundred and seventy five million bucks Yes I have a number for it But I won't win and you won't either, middle, children are going extinct because millennials Evil millennials Don't want three. Children anymore Now the, reason to forget middle-class children Americans of stopped having them head of, the national, middle child dates, August twelfth by the way Women's, lifestyle magazine points out that middle children are going extinct becoming a rarity nineteen seventy-one three children, was the ideal according to Pew Research and then in. The late seventies more than thirty five percents of moms between forty and forty four had four or more children fast forward to. Twenty fourteen in Americans now say to children. As best and apparently millennials are kind. Of, buying into either sat or one, or none and so a middle children to becoming extinct and it's, all because. You evil millennials So get naked and get busy let's. Go we need some middle children here WBZ. Newsroom we. Go he's not naked Mike Doyle How do you know him on, the radio. Yeah now I. Believe, me I don't even want to get into the visual of this all right President Trump and damage control mode today after, some controversial comments yesterday in Helsinki Finland with the Russian president by side President Trump saying he misspoke when he said he didn't see any. Reason that Russia would interfere in the twenty sixteen elections should have been I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia and the president making his first public comments after returning from the Helsinki summit. With Ladimir food into plenty of criticism on both sides of the aisle Daria Albinger ABC news and Afghan officials says an Islamic state suicide bombers killed twenty people in northern Afghanistan including a Taliban commander in northern Afghanistan Taliban and the Islamic state group have been waging bitter battles in recent days and really recent years as many as one hundred insurgents from both the Taliban and ISIS have perished in those recent battles. Going on for decades. NewsTalk ninety nine three WBZ. A check of traffic thanks to huntersville Ford? I. Seventy, seven exit twenty Three here's boomer thanks..

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