Infant dies of whooping cough in San Bernardino County


For water drops and for figuring out the, true size of the fire says Adrian Freeman who. Speaks for the US, forest service she says that's why the acreage assessments are. Being done at night another, challenge she says actually. Is Beatles the eruption which is what they, call it when they have the big beetle kill events which means there a lot of dead. Trees which fueled the fire easily more than one hundred homes and businesses are under mandatory evacuation, and one firefighter was killed in a bulldozer. Accident Yosemite is. Still open but some families are choosing To cancel their trips because of that heavy smoke that's what Greg Fishman who lives in Sacramento did we've got a few people who who have asthma and other breathing issues and, so they were definitely worried we do have a couple of also you know younger folks a couple of. Of young women who are pregnant and they have. Small children and we definitely didn't want to expose. Them to the smoke and then I did look at a. Couple of webcams and you know some of the spectacular Yosemite views. Are just it's just shrouded, making gold's be KCBS. Oakland firefighters put out a blaze last night burning in a. Box truck in the city's Chinatown neighborhood, before it spread to any buildings five I will say Salvation, Army box truck full of clothes and other items. Caught fire, at about eight thirty in the back of the agencies. Chinatown headquarters at seven, and Franklin streets firefighters were, quickly to put out the flames. Which were threatening other trucks and the Salvation, Army building itself the fire put up a, lot of black smoke which could be seen for blocks no word yet on the cause of that fire KCBS Keith men Coney reports for. The second time and, just four years of laser Shutdown at, Manresa restaurant led by renowned chef David Kinch in two thousand fourteen a, two alarm, fire caused, by arson led to a reported two million dollars of property damage to the, man razor restaurant and shut it down for months Monday night's. Fire was less severe fire captain Bill Murphy of the Santa Clara county, fire department says after. The fire was reported around nine pm Monday evening, crews arrived, on the, scene quickly and managed to extinguish the blaze in just fifteen minutes we got very early report of the fire fire station. Is, literally less than a city block away so very close to the building that was on fire crews were able to get there very quickly, he says the fire did damage an. External wall and and outside fans but luckily it did not cause any injuries the restaurant was closed at. The time of the fire so there was nobody, inside the fire began outside but the exact cause is still under investigation the restaurant does have a track record of bouncing back after disaster after the two thousand fourteen Blaze. The restaurant actually gained more critical acclaim notching up one additional Michelin star to three total in Las Gatos Keith men Coney KCBS health officials say, an infant has died from hooping cough the first such infant death in California since two thousand sixteen. The department of public health says the baby was from San Bernardino county but didn't provide any other. Details to infants died of the disease in two thousand sixteen Dr Karen Smith director of the state. Health department says the latest death is especially tragic because the disease is. Preventable health officials urge expectant mothers to get. A whooping cough booster shot parents are to immunize babies. S soon as possible coming up on KCBS Jeffrey, Schaub the FBI offers a reward for the..

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