McCarthy sending negotiators to White House to finish debt limit talks, but sides 'far apart'


House speaker Kevin McCarthy says he remains optimistic the two sides can make a deal as the nation approaches a debt to fall as soon as next week. McCarthy says he's sending his negotiators back here to The White House in the hopes of finishing out debt limit talks, but there's a number of places that we are still far apart. Put simply. We have to spend less than we spent last year. Democrats are willing to freeze spending, not cut it, as the impasse continues treasury chief Janet Yellen tells the WSJ CEO council summit that without a deal to boost the debt limit, it seems nearly certain the U.S. will run out of cash to pay its bills in early June. Possibly is early as June 1st. Saying the standoffs already roiling financial markets and threatening the global economy, Sagar Meghani at The White House.

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