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Reaction is a to crucial virginia first sending step troops for to putting texas America it back makes on our track. state look Democratic like a leader joke Hakeem i'm Jeffries nick aye has nelly taken aim the at house at ceiling passes far -right deal a Republicans now it's President the senate's Biden turn understood it's seven despite o 'clock the hostage is -taking situation that you cbs unnecessarily thrust the country into that we had an obligation, a responsibility to avoid a catastrophic default. The bill moves to the Senate which is expected to act quickly. Jennifer Kuiper CBS News CBS News has confirmed a CNN report that federal prosecutors have a 2021 audio tape former of President Trump discussing a classified document he kept after he left the White House. One source said that Trump stated he should have declassified the record before leaving the White House, apparently contradicting his earlier claims that he had done nothing wrong. The sources said it's not clear from the audio recording whether Trump had the sensitive memo at the time or was simply describing it for at least three other people during the meeting at his Westminster New Jersey club. That's CBS's Catherine Herridge the Atlantic hurricane season begins today. Casters say this will be a relatively normal season but as anyone who rode out Hurricane Ian last year in southwest Florida tell can you only takes one storm hitting your home to make it a terrible year. National Hurricane Center director Michael Brennan. That could be the worst thing you ever experience where live. you That's why Brennan and other forecasters and emergency managers say what they do every year. Have a plan. Know if you're in an evacuation zone and make sure you have hurricane supplies. Peter King CBS News Orlando. The Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down an abortion statute dealing with ities. civil Here's CBS News legal analyst Thane Rosenbaum. This case is emblematic of what is happening across the country. After the Dobbs case that overturned Roe v. Wade many red states through state legislatures immediately either outlawed abortion or severely restricted its use. no What one counted on was that the supreme courts in those same states would rule to protect abortion rights under its state constitution. Warnings that a Cold War era time bomb is ticking at one site alone in Washington state. 54 million gallons of highly radioactive sludge left producing from America's first atomic bombs are slowly leaching out of storage tanks into the Columbia River. It's a similar situation at Cold War era facilities in South Carolina, Ohio, Idaho, and Tennessee. This is CBS News. Staples stores

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