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26 past now america on in the morning actor danny masterson of the tv series that seventy show has been found guilty of two counts of rape entertainment correspondent margins are a letter reports that runs on water man you just don't want us to know because then we'd buy all the water a jury of seven women and five men found danny masterson guilty of raping two women at his home in los angeles between 2001 and 2003 the jurors could not reach a verdict on the third count which involved masterson's longtime girlfriend they voted eight to four in favor of conviction on that count his legal team argued the acts were consensual masterson did not testify and his lawyers called no witnesses masterson faces up to 30 years in prison his first trial ended in a mistrial in December I'm R .G. Zaraleta. some SUVs are being recalled as correspondent Rita Foley reports this time it's an electric vehicle battery issue one that could cause a fire it's the latest in series a of electric vehicle battery recalls because of the potential for fire jaguars were calling thousands of I pace electric SUVs the high voltage battery could overheat and catch fire the national highway traffic safety administration says the recall covers all of the SUVs from model years 2019 through 2024 documents posted by NHTSA say the vehicle batteries were made by LG Energy Solution

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