Algorand's Secret Plan Revealed!


Has been kind of unfairly pushed down harder than other coins in my opinion and the morale of you know, the Algorand community the algo fam is fairly low. It's fairly low right now, but here's the thing there are a Misconceptions about what has actually happened with Algorand lately. First of all, the my algo hack happen, you know a good bit ago and a lot of people perceive that as you know Algorand got hacked. Listen Algorand didn't get hacked Algorand has never been hacked. My algo was a third -party wallet with the name my algo and people tied that and did the math in their heads really fast and said like oh like Algorand must have got hacked like Algorand had nothing to do with the creation of my algo or the reason it got hacked. Okay. So that's number one number two here is that Algorand was mentioned as a security in the bitrex case with the SEC to be clear. This is how the SEC is trying to do a workaround to call a crypto project of security instead of like going directly to court with them like they're doing with XRP. They tried to do this with nine other coins in the Coinbase case about the case for the guy that got hit for insider trading and they mentioned nine other coins that they called securities at the time there. But guess what when that case actually settled those nine coins called securities that was left out of the

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