Debt limit deal heads to vote in full House while McCarthy scrambles for GOP approval


The debt ceiling and budget deal worked out between House speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden has advanced to the full House, where a vote is expected Wednesday. I'm Ben Thomas with a look at its progress. The House rules committee voted 7 to 6 to advance the bill, chairman Tom Cole, an Oklahoma Republican calling it a product of compromise. And reflects the realities of a divided government. We shouldn't allow that to overshadow what this bill accomplishes. It would restrict spending for the next two years while also suspending the nation's debt limit during that time, and the nonpartisan congressional budget office says it reduces deficits by $1.5 trillion over the decade, but South Carolina Republican Ralph Norman also a member of the freedom caucus was disappointed. We had a real bill that was going to make a difference. We did in the original bill. This being watered down is completely takes the teeth out of it. And I see why the Democrats vote for it. I see it now. He and Texas congressman chip Roy, who earlier in the day, said not one Republican should vote for this deal. Join Democrats in opposing the bill's advance. Ranking Democrat Jim mcgovern of Massachusetts accusing the GOP of weaponizing the debt ceiling, saying it's a precedent that will forever haunt the nation. One party can use the full faith and credit of the United States as a hostage to pass their widely unpopular ideas. Adding, someday, hopefully not in my lifetime, but someday there will be a Republican president. And you will remember this moment because what you are trying to do is get things enacted that you could not get done through regular order. Ben Thomas, Washington

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