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Happened you should see a fewer accidents occurring and you should be spending less time sitting at a traffic light waiting to get through macco fax w t o p news w t o p i'm now two oh six their lives health department wants to get the word out about its new get your pride on campaign so it's turning to dating apps grinder scruff and jack are really the the three apps we're that focusing on dr peter de martino at the maryland department of health says the campaign will also be promoted on bus trailers shelters and the ads focus on promoting things such as m pox vaccines and getting tested for hiv and sexually transmitted infections although the impact of the m pox outbreak has diminished the martino says we want to make sure that the pension pools are out there in the communities it's also an opportunity to make sure the community is caring for each other if we don't take care of our health and the health of those we love and those that we're going to be seeing during this month who will scott gellman wtop news 1800 no 180 lebanon yes it is yeah correct no first one next time on its academic hosted by hillary howard students from summary player richard montgomery mclain soon and late join us for the playoffs it's academic saturday

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