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To get him on the soil in Alabama and to get him in a position where we can find some justice for what happened in Adelaide. Van der Schlot was flown to the US yesterday from Peru where he was serving a 28 -year sentence for killing a 21 -year -old woman. The cleanup continues after the breach of a vital dam in southern Ukraine. Evidence is mounting that the breach of the Nova Kokovka Dam on Tuesday was due to an explosion. Today, scientists in Norway said seismological data suggest an explosion occurred just before the dam was destroyed. Ukraine has accused Russia of blowing up the dam near the front lines of its war with Russia. Russia in turn blames Ukraine. CBS's Elaine Cobb. This is CBS News. Need hires who dazzle without the hassle? You need Indeed. Their powerful platform helps you attract, interview, and hire candidates all in one place. Visit indeed .com slash credit. It is 903 here on WTOP on this Friday night, June 9th, 2023 Fort Belvoir at 70. A little pushing rain southeast across the area. Good evening, I'm Dimitri Sotis with the top local stories we're following this hour. Wilson Chavis, the Maryland funeral homeowner accused of shooting and killing a pallbearer at a 10 -year -old DC girl's funeral service a few days ago made his first court appearance today. The judge ordered the 48 -year -old held without bond until

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