Democrats Know They're Going to Lose Elections, but Still Play the Long Game


Every single thing that the left is doing it's a very it's all planned out Bernie Sanders and AOC and these other people in Congress they really believe that the ultimate goal here is transformational change of our country And they don't just mean by having Democrats elected Like it's not the goal here It's really not I know it sounds like it is but it isn't In fact they would rather lose than have moderate Democrats I use quotes around the word moderate They're not moderates but they've moderate districts that have them win in control things You think I'm kidding They believe this is a long game for them They do Long game they have plenty of time Change is hard change shakes time It's not about winning It's not about power It's about change It's about control and change If they wanted to just be in power then they would just shift whichever way the wind was shifting on things But they're not doing that You realize now they know they're going to lose in midterm elections They're not changing anything They're going full war Sensible rational people We look at the results of the election the last election we had They look at the school board elections Moms and dads coming out Speaking out saying I don't want this critical race theory I don't want you shutting down schools I'm tired of masks I'm tired of vaccine mandates They would look at what voters said in Virginia They'd look at what voters said in New Jersey They look at my man Ed durn south Jersey beating a Democrat who nobody thought could be beaten They would see what happened there and they would readjust I mean for everything you can say about the guy Bill Clinton and Democrats of the mid 90s were smart enough to realize if we don't if we don't change here we're gonna get decimated so they did They played ball with new gingrich They balanced the budget They went with this These Democrats aren't changing anything They're going full it They're actually they want to spend more money than they did the day before the election You know why Because they know they're going to

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